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Poll: In 5 Years

Stolen from another board...

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How old will you be? More kids? More pets? Different location, job, housing, etc?


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Re: Poll: In 5 Years

  • I just applied to a Ph.D. it's a nice thought to think that I will be finishing my Ph.D. and starting a new career in 5 years. I also think I will probably have a 1-2 year old, probably still in current house but thinking of moving (we've said we won't consider moving for 10 years and we're coming up on 5 now)
  • I'll be 35 with an almost 7 year old and almost 5 year old. (That sounds insane!) We're not planning on anymore kids after this one, so that should be it. I doubt we'll have any other pets unless something happens to Kira and then we'd likely get another dog. I'll be an Elementary school teacher (hopefully 1st grade at a school close to our house - wishful thinking!) and that house will hopefully be a bigger house in this area or maybe in Phoenix (MD) or Jacksonville. I'm hoping we'll be involved with either dance, cheerleading, lacrosse or football with the kids and able to travel with them to fun places.
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  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Debt free! It will be before then but it just sounds so nice! How old will you be? 35 More kids? Hopefully with one or two kids More pets? Hopefully!! I want a dog but with our work schedules, it wouldn't be fair to the dog. We keep going back and forth on another cat. We want one but Button is afraid of everyone/everything so we don't know how it would go. Different location, job, housing, etc? I definitely want to keep my job for the benefits. But I really hope my personal business continues to grow. I'd love to move but we're stuck for awhile.
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  • We will probably be in the same house, but hopefully with a fence and new porch and roof.  I'll have a new car, DD will be almost 9 (OMG) and we will have made a nice dent in her college fund.  I'm not sure what will happen w/ my job, it would be nice to find a change and maybe once DD is in public school we could afford for me to change jobs. .. . we'll see.


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  • How old will you be? Eek - 38!

    More kids? No kids

    More pets? I don't think we will have any additional pets. Hopefully our current dogs will still be healthy and with us.

    Different location, job, housing, etc? We consider our current home our forever house so I assume we'll hopefully still be there. Not sure if I will be in the same office but hopefully I'll have the same employer.

  • How old will you be? 41

    More kids? No more kids, but I will have a 21 yr old (22 in 5 yrs, one month..OMG), a 6 yr old and a 8 yr old

    More pets? no

    Different location, job, housing, etc? We will hopefully have been in our new house for a few years, same job but a grade higher

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  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?- working as an OT still, hopefully debt free( except mortgage )  . JD will be 9 and Sam will be 6/7- Wow - Hoping we can take some great family trips and the kids will be into their own sports and activities .Hope the  hubby and I are still making time for each other and dont get lost in this crazy world of work , kids etc . Have seen too many divorces , separation  lately for this very reason

    How old will you be?37 - whoa

    More kids? No

    More pets?Not sure if our Golden will be around - i love our dog but my hubby  has said that when / if bailey goes we will hold off  on another dog for awhile until kids are older . Bailey was my first and only dog ever and I am so scared for when he dies - not sure how I will handle that

    Different location, job, housing, etc?- hopefully we are in our forever home by then - not sure where we have thought about moving from AA county to Baltimore county as that's where the hubby works but I am super conflicted - part of me wants to stay and part wants to start over somewhere with less memories of my parents .The whole finding new school , daycare , doctors etc is also daunting. I just want a garage and a 4th  bedroom for guests in the house we have !

  • I will be 37, and we WILL be out of our TH and into our "forever home."  J will be 8 and C will be 5.  I finally allowed myself to admitt that I would like to have another baby last night.  The idea has found it's way into my thoughts recently, but I just pushed it away, but I finally just owned up to it last night.  Unfortunately we can't afford 3 in day care, even if J is only in after care.  We are paying 25k in daycare for the next 2 years and we just can't add onto that, or sustain that for more than 2 years.  We need to get out of our house, J and C are sharing a room as it is, and we wouldn't be able to do that with paying child care for 3.  I always thought I would want just 2, but having C has made me want another.   Mostly likely we will still be in Crofton, I will probably be in the same job, maybe a different agency.  We do want another dog, but our hearts aren't ready (nor is our insane schedule) after loosing Cooper.
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  • I will be 40 (omg) with a 8.5 year old and a 6 year old. No more kids.

    We will be in our forever house and out of this #$%$ townhouse.

    Hopefully we will be living in rural Baltimore County, closer to my family.

    Not sure as to my career. If we end up moving up there it wouldn't be practical for me to commute to this job. I've been kind of ambivalent about staying in this field anyway. I am not sure what I want to do, I can't afford to go back to school though.

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  • I will be 38. DS will be 6.5 and we will probably have 1 more kid (maybe 2 more but that's unlikely). Hopefully our 2 cats will still be with us, they are still pretty young - I doubt we'll get anymore until they pass on. We BETTER BE out of our townhouse and into our forever home, either in HoCo or somewhere else in south eastern Carroll Co. I have no idea about my job. It is likely that I'll still be here. Hopefully DH will be in a new job.

    BFP#1: 01/10, M/C 6w -- BFP#2: 06/10, M/C 5w -- BFP#3: 09/10, DS born June 1, 2011
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    BFP#4: 07/12, M/C 5w3d -- BFP#5: 12/12, EDD 08/18/13
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  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Most likely at a new company (it's happening soon).

    How old will you be? 37 (scary!)

    More kids? A will be 8 and C will be 5

    More pets? We most likely won't have anymore pets, but J and R will be up there in age too.

    Different location, job, housing, etc?I love to be in our forever home, hopefully living somewhere else other than Abingdon. Most likely DH will have a new car and the kiddo's will be in school. I know it's hard to believe now. Hopefully I'll have some more free time too.

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  • In 5 years, we will probably be living in the same house, but hopefully have fenced in the rest of the yard. (The back is currently fenced in, but we want to extend it to include the side yard.) Not sure what I will be doing.I'd like to go back and get another degree, but the ones I want I would have to do a practicum, which would be impossible to do right now.

    DD will be 7! I'm REALLY on the fence about another kid. Everytime I try to think about another kid, my brain immediately jumps to something else. It's something that I don't think we can afford anyway, so I am thinking we are probably one and done.

    Our dog will be old & may or may not still be alive. We tried to foster another dog, but he was too jealous, so I'm not sure if we will get a second dog before he dies or not. To be fair, it was really hard to deal with two dogs in a new situation AND a toddler. So maybe when DD is older.

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  • In 5 years I'll be almost 36. My kids will be almost 11 and 5 1/2. I don't know if we'll have a third, but if it's going to happen, it will have happened by then.

    I hope we'll still have all three of our cats, happy and healthy, and no more.

    I doubt I'll still be at this job because, as a contractor, that's just not how it works. Projects end, things shift, you move on. I'd love to think I'd be a SAHM by then, but I'm not sure how likely that is.

    I'd also like to think that we'll be in different, larger home, located somewhere more in line with our ideals. But again, I'm not sure how likely that is.

    Beyond that, I truly can't imagine where I'll be. My life 5 years ago was drastically different than it is now, so I have a hard time grasping what changes are yet to come. 

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  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully in a house and out of our small condo. In school getting my degree or already will have gotten it. Brendon will be 9 1/2, Cecilia almost 8. 

    How old will you be? 37 going on 38

    More kids? Nope. We are done. 

    More pets? Our cat is just over a year old. We have talked about getting another cat(okay, I have). DH wants to wait until we're in a house and not our condo to discuss a dog which will be a Bernese Mountain dog. 

    Different location, job, housing, etc? We hope to get debt-free soon and be able to afford a house. I will eventually need to get a new car as mine is almost 10. I work PT now since I SAH with the kids during the day. Since they will be in school, I hope to have a FT job. I hope my husband has a different job. He likes his job a lot but has hit the top of where they will pay him more money and it ain't much :) He could do so much better somewhere else.

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  • This is fun!

     I will be almost 38. No more kids, please. We will be out of our townhouse and in a SFH in Bel Air, most likely. I never see us leaving Harford County. 

    Hopefully working closer to home but still in the same field. 

    Realistically, we will be lucky to have one or both of our dogs last that long. Jack is almost 8 and Jordan is around the same age. They might still be around, who knows?  

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  • I will be 36.  DS will be almost 7 and hopefully we will have another LO.  I hope our dog will still be around.  He is a pretty amazing dog, I would be sad if he wasn't and wouldn't want to get another dog.  We will probably still be in our TH.  There is no way we could move, even in the next 10 years.  I will still be teaching, but maybe by then I will have the courage to transfer to a new school. 
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  • In 5 years, I will be 41. Wow...

    No more kids unless my next gig has an awesome maternity leave program and then I'll have to consider it. J will be 6 1/2 and K will be 10. I plan to be moving out of my current house and buying another. I also plan to be mostly debt free and having been promoted. I also plan to be hosting the premiere children's consignment sale in my county!

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  • In 5 years, I'll be 32 -- I hope to have at least one kid (maybe one more on the way), same pets, and same job (you have to be there at least 4 years to be fully vested in the 401k and they do a really high match -- plus, it's just a good, solid company; people tend to stay there a long time). New, bigger house. 
  • Making more money because my union contract says I will. LOL We are done having kids. Possibly a different location but we will see. I do see us with one more dog since we will not have Deezel in 5 years. Crying
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