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50th Anniversary Party Ideas-

Hi Ladies! 

My grandparents have their 50th wedding anniversary coming up this summer and my mom, aunt, and I want to throw them a nice party.

My grandparents are very well known in the community and I would consider them on the very conservative side (not much into music, etc.).

I am looking for any suggestions on food, decorations, other ideas pertaining to an anniversary party.


Re: 50th Anniversary Party Ideas-

  • Hi there. Congrats to your grandparents!

    I was just thinking back to my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary party and it was quite simple but very nice. It was almost like a mini-wedding! It was done at a hall with a bunch of tables and a head table where my grandparents were seated (though there wasn't a lot of sitting). We decorated the hall with goldish linens and streamers. We made up a CD of popular music from the time they got married (back in the 1940s) including their wedding song, just to play in the background but people did dance to it.

    I don't remember what there was food (it was fifteen years ago) but I do remember a bartender. And there was a two-tier cake with gold flowers on it. It was also a surprise party, they just thought their kids were taking them out to dinner and we brought them through the restaurant to the hall and the whole family was there. 

    I hope this helps. I know every family is different. But just make sure gold decorations, it is their gold anniversary after all! ^_^

  • I agree to think of it like a wedding of sorts.  Start with a budget and form a guestlist.  Then start moving from there.  If budget allows a nice sit down meal would be lovely.  If they loved their cake maybe get that replicated.

    Decorations could go a few directions, 50 is gold so you could use that as a color.  Or you could think about their wedding colors and use those.  If you have pictures those would be a nice way to decorate and honor the couple. 

    Also think about the things they hated.  My mom wanted lily of the valley in her bouquet, but it was out of season and too expensive.  When we do their 50th we'll be draping the place in that flower.  I also know she regretted her terrible photographer so we'll be hiring someone to capture the day.

    Are they religious?  Would they care to renew their vows?  I could see my dad being very honored if someone said a blessing over them.  Maybe you could also do some sort of readings or stories?  I know it's cheesy, but for some reason I think it would be fun to do a Newlywed Game. 

    Complete side thought: I'm a little distracted that you are planning this for your grandparents as I'm thinking about this for my own parents.  I'm old.

  • Congratulations first of all!!! Many people are not fortunate to see their grandparents alive yet alone celebrating 50 yrs of marriage. That's awesome. 

    They would have been married in 1962. I would have a themed party of that particular era. I think they would appreciate it.  
    Music http://musicoutfitters.com/topsongs/1962.htm

    I would play this particular song for them as well "I wish we were married", it's beautiful and it would take them back to the exact year they started their marriage. 

    This is an article with events from 1962. http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2012/05/50-years-ago-the-world-in-1962/100296/ The size of the pics are huge... you can print out some, frame them and have it high lighted all over the house. 
    Parties are always successful if you make it about the person that you're celebrating. 

    Don't forget about the food as well. I would have a fondue set up,  Punch bowl etc. Have fun with it! Good Luck. 

  • I threw my parents a 50th anniversary, and did the following (it was a surprise, so they weren't dressed really fancy, it was catered in our backyard):

    Had a 2 layer "wedding type" cake, with gold bells on top and yellow/gold floral icing roses

    We offered a buffet, including the foods they had at their wedding dinner, kielbasa & saurkraut (the Polish family loved it, but we had chicken & potatoes for the others, LOL)

    Made my mom a small white floral headband with a short tulle veil. Made her a smallish faux flower bouquet, got my dad a bout  

    Snuck over to their house & got her original veil, and one of their wedding invitations, and displayed these on the gift table. The veil was in pretty bad shape, but we simply put it over the table cover, it was mostly for sentimental reasons, not decorative

    Had a recent picture taken of them together, and then one from their wedding, put them side by side in a frame with 2 openings. That was one of our gifts to them.

    Made "favors" for our guests of small white lace favor bags filled with potpourri and a little gold bell tied to it. These were piled in the center of the tables inside a gold basket as the centerpieces.

    We invited my Dad's best man who was his best friend when they grew up. He was still alive and I knew they exchanged Xmas cards, so I got his address, plus other older family members my parents stay in touch with, that I don't, so they were invited too.

    There was no vow renewal, but that can be nice if you think they'd like it.

    Good luck. It's fun to plan these memorable events.



  • Wow this is really wonderful, congrats to your Grandparents. One of my friends celebrated their parent?s golden jubilee with a similar reception setup as she had done in her wedding. She had purchased table covers and chair covers in her wedding and reused them. The overall event was fabulous.
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