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After a cold/flu

Just wondering what/how everyone disinfects after a family member has had a cold/flu? Thanks!

Re: After a cold/flu

  • I basically go nuts on the whole house.


    - wash bedsheets and towels, couch blankets they might've used, catch up on all laundry.

    - clean/wipe down all bathroom surfaces

    - dust/vaccum entire house

    - clorox wipes whenever possible on everything people touch (computers, keyboards, mice, tv remotes, kitchen stuff, fridge handles, etc)

    - weather permitting - i open a couple windows and light a candle for an hour or idea if this helps, but something about fresh air circulating in the house makes me feel better about sickness leaving. lol




    in the MIDDLE of their flu/illness, i typically wash sheets. most people notice sickness as soon as they get up, and all those germs just living on the sheets doesn't make for a healthy recovery when you marinate in it for 6-8 hours a night, and possibly more throughout the day. =P   not to mention, when i was sick, i didn't want hubby laying in that either! yuck.

  • The best ways to PREVENT the flu: 1) wash your hands 10-20 times a day, 2) get vaccinated.
  • image dread10:
    The best ways to PREVENT the flu: 1) wash your hands 10-20 times a day, 2) get vaccinated.

    Really? Gosh, it's so great you shared this wealth of information. Should I stop licking door handles too?


    Anywho, my best suggestions for wiping it out is wash all bedding, blankets, pillow cases, etc. in a hot wash to sanitize (I try to swap out mid sickness and then once the person is on the upswing) Lysol spray or wipes for furniture, remotes, door knobs, trashcans, etc. Gets some fresh air circulating when weather permits. To keep nasty tissues from landing on tables or sickly hands from constantly touching the trash lid, we use an empty tissue box or plastic bag as a dirty tissue receptacle. 

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  • image dread10:
    The best ways to PREVENT the flu: 1) wash your hands 10-20 times a day, 2) get vaccinated.

    Unfortunately, the vaccine is only about 60% effective. I can tell you from experience that it doesn't always work.

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  • I would wash the sheets, blankets and comforter. Additionally, replace towels/hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen. Lastly, I would take out the trash and spray knobs and handles with lysol. If you go too overboard you're going to eliminate all germs, which isn't healthy. I would try to eliminate the disgusting things then trust your immune system to do the rest.


    ~Good luck!!


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