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Plans for the weekend?

Friday we are supposed to go to a birthday party, but I don't know that I feel comfortable being almost 2 hours away from my house.  I have been crampy and uncomfortable today, and I reallllllly don't want to be one of those crazy fast labors and have her in the front seat of my car.  Lol.

Saturday we have another birthday party (do you see a trend here? We went to THREE last weekend) for one of tiny's little friends and then I'm getting in my pi's and sitting on my couch the rest of the day.  I think H is going to go to the gun range with our neighbor sometime that day, too.  I'd really like to round up the rest of the things I need for my hospital bag, so I'll probably do that as well.

 Sunday I need to get my house in order and perfect before I pop out this crotch fruit.  I still have a lot of organizing that I want to do.  I finished her room today though, so I am at least ready somewhat.  My office looks like a tornado hit it and I am pretty sure my closet could use about ten garbage bags and a crew of at least four people to sift through it.  I get overwhelmed just THINKING about it.  Sigh.

What are y'all doing? 

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Re: Plans for the weekend?

  • I hear ya on birthday parties--we went to 2 last weekend and had one almost every weekend in December. I say skip tomorrows--you need to stay close to home! 

     No plans this weekend, which I'm happy about. I'm hoping DH will be home from TX tomorrow or Saturday.  I'm thinking laundry, a little cleaning, and a movie at home Saturday night. Sunday will be a lazy day. I'm off Monday so I'm going to check out some places to have my sister's wedding shower, then I'm going to pick up my MOH dress! 

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  • I think we'll meet up with H's dad, since we didn't see him at Christmas. We also have a little party to go to on Sunday with some work pals. I'm looking forward to all of that. Also, I'm going to continue dancing around with glee about my sister and her fella getting engaged. I'm truly tickled pink - he is wonderful and I just love them both so much. :D
  • Going to Lawton for the long weekend to see my mom and my best friend. I think I finally have the emotional strength to meet my godson [he's five weeks old now], so if I can hold on to that strength, I'll meet him Saturday. If not, my best friend and I will meet for dinner somewhere in town. No plans besides that - do need to go grocery shopping and get a run or two in.

    I'm praying I get my car back today...I hate the Impala I'm driving as a rental [and I don't trust it to make it to Lawton...it's making this weird noise when I accelerate], and we may not go home if I have to keep the Impala. My car's been in the shop all week and is supposed to be done today, so I hope that's the case.

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  • Boymom, when are you due?

    We have about a million things I want to get done on the house in the next six months (paint some trim, paint our builtin cabinets and shelves in the living room, whitewash fireplace, paint over some accent walls, and lots of stuff in the kitchen) so we're tackling those projects slowly on the weekends. We'll paint *something* this weekend, I'm sure.

    I'd like to go to the home and garden show, so maybe I can drag DH and DS there tomorrow afternoon. Then Sunday we have church, and I need to do some lesson planning sometime. 

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  • Boymom, I can't believe you are about to have that baby! It doesn't seem like its been that long!

    I work my very last weekend shift this weekend. It's a morning shift so it won't be terrible. Saturday evening, I'm going to make a brisket, and we need to clean the house. I had that terrible stomach bug that is going around two nights ago. We need to get rid of all my germs. Sunday, I want to go out to dinner to celebrate the end of my job and the beginning of my new job.

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  • Boymom- I can't wait to meet Miss L! And her room is too adorable!

    Tonight will most likely be a vegging night. I'm still recovering from a bad kidney infection.

    Saturday- DH is helping his dad move some things from a storage facility. M and I will most likely spend most of the day outside. I really need to get the grass out of the garden so we can start getting it ready for our spring veggies. Tomorrow night we might go out with on of DH's friends and his new fiance.

    Sunday- The usual: church, grocery shopping, some cleaning. If it's nice outside again M will be going out to play some more.

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  • I have a totally free night tonight, which hasn't happened in a long time. Maybe I'll get a manicure.

    I am co-hosting an engagement party for my sister tomorrow and then going to a bridal show with my sisters and my aunt on Sunday. I'm pretty excited for her. 

    I am looking forward to a day off of just hanging out on Monday. 

  • Tonight we will probably just do dinner.

    Tomorrow I plan to help one of my friends get her new computer program up and running for her new salon. 

    Sunday will probably be the norm of just bumming around and dinner at my parents. 

    Monday I am off work and have to take my car to the dealership to have something reprogrammed. 

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  • On Saturday I'm helping a girl film an audition for a college riding team, and on Sunday I will be helping someone with her resume. There will also be some relaxing and reading in my weekend--there's a book I've been looking forward to ready for me to pick up at the library.
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  • I am due the 28th.  Thanks Ami! It was really fun to put together.
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  • Last night we did dinner at Pearl's (never been, it was AMAZING.) We came home early and went to bed like old folks but I don't care, I was totally exhausted for some reason. :)

    Today, I've got about 3 loads of laundry started, going to a Cardio Jam class at 9:30, come home and finish laundry, do some editing and then head out to a family photo session in Bricktown at 2. DH is currently golfing and should be done by this afternoon. I highly suspect we will stay in tonight, make dinner and watch a movie. Gotta love it. lol

    Sunday, church and lunch with two of our besties in Edmond, then I think we'll go to the H&G Show.

    Monday, I have off but DH doesn't. I've got a maternity session that day somewhere (still haven't scouted the location.) And then I'll spend MORE time editing. And then when I'm done with that I'll edit more. haha Unless Boymom pops out her "crotch fruit" (amazing), then I'll stalk her with a camera for a while. ;) 

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  • Th-Sat I had the music educator's conference in Tulsa. I got back a couple of hours ago. Hung out with friends, attended a few seminars, got some information from the exhibits, and watched my first-ever all-stater perform with the all-state band. Proud moment.

    Tomorrow, just groceries and cleaning house.

    Monday, no work, but I will be planted at my computer reading yearbook copy for most of the day, likely. 

    Livin' the dream, people. 

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