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Plant trees and go green

The best you can do to your environment is Plant trees. If you have a good garden area in your house, then make it greener and lively by adding more plants and trees over there. It will purify the air around the house and also add to the beauty, along with contributing positively to the environment.
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Re: Plant trees and go green

  • I think the best initiative to go green is by planting a tree. It will not only save our environment but will also provide shade and beautify our landscapes. The trees that are lined properly in the streets calming effect in traffic and helps to moves more slowly and safely.

  • I would love to grow my own food but I am incredibly inept at it. I literally killed a Chia Pet, that's how far my black thumb extends. I'll let the green thumb folks grow my food. I am hoping to expand my relationship with my local Farmer's Market though. Now those folks know how to grow stuff
  • I too agree with above that planting more & more tress can make the environment somewhat free from pollution, but this kind of initiatives to be taken by all the citizens & should also stop cutting down of tress which is taking place on rampant basis. Also we need to decrease the usage of paper based items to the minimal, to save our trees. 
  • We all know that our Earth is warming and we need to do something in a global scale.  We can do our bit and contribute to worldwide effort by planing trees and taking care of them. Trees generate a lot of oxygen and release it to our atmosphere. Trees also clean air by absorbing air pollution. Planting a tree can make a real difference!
  • Plants are very important for our survival. Trees contribute in our life. They give us oxygen and clean our environment.

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