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When you do your regular vacuuming, do you always vacuum under furniture, rugs, and other things that live on the floor or do you only do that some of the time? If some of the time, how often? Same question for dusting and cleaning counters.

Re: Vacuuming

  • Kitchen counters - daily quick wipe down, either when dinner is done or at the end of the evening. Move everything and deep clean once a month or when needed between.

    Bathroom counters - once a week moving everything. In between I use my face cloth when I'm done with it to wipe any toothpaste out of the sink.  

    Dusting - once a week. Fans, ceiling registers, etc. with a microfiber wand every 3ish months.

    Vacuuming - twice a week downstairs (or more if the dog explodes a toy or brings in grass/dirt), once a week upstairs (no shoes inside, so it stays fairly clean up). This is not moving furniture, just getting as close as I can and under what I can. I do move runners, but not large rugs. Sofa gets vacuumed every 1-2 weeks. Around edges of room  with corner attachment and base boards with the brush attachment once a month. I only move furniture once a year and the whole room gets vacuumed well and carpet cleaned wall to wall. 

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  • I try to vacuum the carpets twice a week, and linoleum once. But it's more like once a week for all. We move rugs, and things like chairs/stools/coffee table but not couches. I have re-arranged our living room 3-4 times now in 2 years, so I vacuum under it all then. So every 6months or so. If it's getting really furry underneath, I'll move them when I'm sick of it.

    Kitchen counters - once a day, more if it's a weekend and I'm cooking. I can't stand crumbs getting on the bottoms of things. and getting tracked around even more.

    Bathroom counters- our entire bathroom gets cleaned from top to bottom once a week.

    Dusting - I used to dust once a week, but has fallen off my cleaning routine after LO arrived (eesh, a year ago) I probably dust once a month now.

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  • I vacuum every 3 days or so. 2 dogs and 2 cats makes for quite a bit of fur. On Sundays, I move the couches and furniture out of the way and vacuum there. I also try to swiffer it all once a week. I dust everything on Sundays (and always vacuum afterwards). My counter gets a daily wipe down and weekly scrub behind everything.
  • Dusting: Once a week, Friday evening. We pick everything up, dust it, dust the surface, then return it to its place. We also just do the registers, lights, fans, blinds, baseboards, etc. during this time. It doesn't take much longer.

    All Counters: Wipe down daily with Lysol. Friday wipe down includes moving all items.

    Vacuuming: After Friday dusting. We move smaller chairs and rugs, but not couches, tables, beds, etc. I will vacuum the kitchen on evenings something that tends to be messy is made for dinner. 

    In the summer we move all furniture, wash walls, dust everything, and vacuum entire rooms, including closets.  


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