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How often am i supposed to change shower curtains and living room curtains?

How often am i supposed to change shower curtains and living room curtains?

Re: How often am i supposed to change shower curtains and living room curtains?

  • Change them as in decor, or take them off and wash them?

  • Ideally I would wash shower curtains every few months, but I have a bad habit of forgetting. Fabric inner curtains have held up much longer and held off stains better than plastic for us, I assume because they breath better. 

    Window curtains gets washed once a year, as well as vacuum-dusted gently with a brush attachment and Febreezed between washing. Curtains collect a lot of dust, but washing shortens the lifespan, so dusting in between is a good compromise.  

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  • Are you talking plastic shower curtain liner? Or the pretty fabric part?

    If I get the cheap dollar store liner, I just swap out every month or sooner if it looks scummy. If I buy a more expensive and durable line (for $10-15) I'll wash it every few weeks until it tears at one of the holes. A little bleach helps kill off any mildew.

    For the fabric curtains, I've moved once a year for the past 6 or so, so things get washed before they get put up. Now that I'm thinking about it.. most of our curtains have been up for almost 2 years now... maybe they should get a washing! Ewww.. :)

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  • I change my shower curtain liner a few times a year (mine comes from the Dollar Tree, so it's a pretty cheap purchase). I wash my other shower curtain every few months or so, but I haven't replaced it in quite some time. It was a more expensive shower curtain, and it is still holding up well.

    We don't have curtains in our apartment, but if we did, I would replace them whenever I decided to change the decor. It would be a good idea to vacuum them periodically to remove dust.

  • I typically throw out the cheap shower curtain liner every few months and get a new one from Walmart or the dollar store.  I usually also wash my shower curtain when I do this because it's such a pain to take down and I like doing it all at once.  I don't have curtains in my house, but I feel like once a year would be a good time to do it (like pp have also said).
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  • image JoanNYC:
    How often am i supposed to change shower curtains and living room curtains?
      this doesnt have to do with changing it but a cloth shower curtain on a regular curtain rod with the hangers works great on a window.  If large enough.  put a sheer that complements the color or design behind it so u can open it and let light in .  I had a social worker at my home once and she thought it was a wonderful idea .  
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