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"Just curious"

When did you know he/she was the one?

 I knew my Hubby was the one when i realized that this sexy, handsome ,intellegent, loving man loved me with all my flaws.

  I mean I know nobody's perfect and I never try to be, but there was just something endearing about a man like him that could love the things about me that I was trying to hide from the world. He looked at me different from any guy I ever dated. I could'nt be fake around him, even when I tried to hide my flaws they seemed to be in spotlight when he was around.

Honestly Nesties Im am the clumsiest, uncoordinated person I know and of course my closest friends know I'm completely goofy but I knew i couldnt keep this awesome man around if he knew the real me......I was totally wrong!!! Even though we had a accident the third day we were dating,I(kinda my fault,I wrecked both our cars lol) I trip over my own feet daily, and I always seem to hurt myself in the weirdest ways around him, he fell in love WITH ME.....Im the luckiest women in the world because we found each other again and I thank God everyday for him (tearing). I dont know why he loves me and thats how I know my hubby was and is the one for me!!!!!!

sorry so long and mushy lol!

We've been married since 08-31-12

Re: "Just curious"

  • I knew he was the one the first time I had to go to the ER. Here I am sick, in pain and looking really aweful and he's sticking by my side. He became increasingly concerned for my health until about a year later I was hospitalized. He came to visit me everyday, slept in the hospital with me, has been there everytime  woke up from anesthesia and has taken care of me. Then DS pushed me over the edge when Ds told me he wanted FH to be his dad. We have been through so much together and I couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else. He is my rock. That is why he is the one for me.
  • I guess us divorced Nesties will have a different take on it.
  • I knew DH was the "one" when 

    1) He stuck through a LD relationship (14 hours)

    2) He stayed with me even after my mom screamed at him and made his visit miserable the first time he traveled down to meet her.

     He's a keeper. =) 

  • Immediately, on the night we met we both knew we were one. 

  • well, I don't believe in "the one," but we definitely hit it off on our first date. We were dating a lot of other people through and we both ended up cancelling the dates we had planned with other people after our first date. He met everything on my wish list and more!
  • It was more of a choice, not something I "just knew", or knew all of a sudden at some point, or even really knew before we were married.  I chose him primarily because we have so much fun together, but also because we want so many of the same things out of life, because he is so good to me and for me, and because he has the smarts, common sense, and compassion to be a great partner in life.  

    Almost 10 years later, I still feel that it was a fantastically good choice, far better than I ever could have imagined at the time, but I also firmly believe that there are any number of other people out there who also would have also been great choices for me.  

  • For ex-h, I thought he was the one because at first he adored me. I loved the attention he gave. But by the end, when he'd ask "why do you love me?", I had a hard time answering (and I have no poker face... oops).

    For FI, I'm not sure I ever had that "he's THE one" moment.

    I do know I realized I loved him when he was trying to brag to me like he would his male friends about some chick he hooked up with.  We had been best friends for over a year, and I had never ever been so jealous and so full of rage at the same time.  I had thoughts of "how could he sleep with her!? he's supposed to make moves on me!!!"  LOL. 

    When we found out I was pregnant (surprise!), it was another one of those defining moments. I was a hysterical sobbing freaked out mess. He scooped me up into a big bear hug, stroked my hair, told me everything would be just fine, and how excited he was to have me as the mother of his child. Wow! And never complained about the mascara that permanently stained that shirt :) We are actually quite fond of that stain.

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I knew my fianc? was the one when he took care of me when I had strep throat. We were only together for about 2 weeks at the time and he wouldn't leave my side until I was all better. And when he did have to go home he texted me (he would have called but i was unable to speak) to see how I was doing and if I needed anything 
  • image TarponMonoxide:
    I guess us divorced Nesties will have a different take on it.

    This! I don't even remember why I thought marrying XH would be a good idea.

    However, he did teach me a lot about what I do NOT want in a partner. That's about all he was good for.

  •  I knew my husband was "the one" from the first date. We were set up on a blind date, and by the end of that night, I drove home, called my BFF, and told her I'd just met the man I was going to marry.

     All my friends and family thought I was insane. Husband is a Wildland Firefighter, and we met in the thick of fire season. He works 14-21 day assignments with only 2 days of R&R inbetween. During his fire assignments he typically has next to no cell service, and no internet acsess, or acsess to a landline. We were set up on our blind date while he was home on 2 days of R&R. I thought he was the most incredibly handsome man I'd ever seen! We started dinner at 6, shut the resteraunt down at 11, and talked in the parking lot for another two hours! I didn't want to leave his side! The next day we got together, and then he had to leave for another fire. I know everyone thought I was crazy waiting around on this wild and wooly firefighter from the backwoods of Idaho, but I knew he was special:)

     Now we're married, have an amazing life together, and I'm going in tomorrow to be induced to give birth to our first daughter. He's my best friend, confidant, lover, and above all else, I trust him 100% with anything and everything. He accepts for who and what I am, and loves me all the same.

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