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Best way to organize a move

For starters, new apartment and old apartment are right next door to each other.  Old apartment is on first floor of one building and new apartment is on second floor of next door apartment so the only true distance is crossing the shared driveway.  Current apartment is a 1 bedroom and new apartment is 3 bedrooms (1 being a mancave, 1 my den/office). We are able to move a little at a time starting on Monday night after I get out of work as DH will be at work.  Going to first clean before I move things over. What should I move first?  DH and a friend of his are moving heavy things during the day while I am at work and they are off. I like to keep everything organized in my life. Hell just figuring out when to get our new furniture delivered is causing stress.

So the question is what is the best way to organize this move?

Re: Best way to organize a move

  • And DH just called me to tell me he hurt his back at work.  :(
  • Theres a few ways to approach this.Yes, definitely clean everything before you start moving items in. Then you can....

    1. move room-by-room (pack up your kitchen. move your kitchen. set up your kitchen. rinse, repeat). nothing gets confused/mixed up/etc

    2. pack EVERYTHING and move it into the appropriate room in the new place. con here is that you have to set everything up or else live in a mess in EVERY room

    3. pack EVERYTHING and move it into 1 room in the house (we did this).  Put the large items in the appropriate room, and then the 'mess' part is only in one room -- perhaps whatever room you have the least amount of stuff for -- we used our spare bedroom cuz we had nothing to put in that room anyway! 


    as far as what to set up -- i'd suggest kitchen and bedroom to be your priorities.  that way if you get tired/hungry - you can take care of those things!


  • I moved within the same building once and found it pretty easy to move section by section. It took a couple days to get everything over, but it saved a lot of boxes and packing/unpacking, so it worked out well. Decide realistically what you can do in a day and which apartment you'll stay in during the process, move the things that make sense based on this. Having a cart helps and we used laundry baskets and a few big boxes to load up, roll over, unload, and repeat. 

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  • I would move the kitchen and bathroom stuff first. Maybe save a box for a set of sheets and a blanket, so you have that for sleeping. 


    When I moved last, I had a roll of colored duck tape and put a medium sized piece on the boxes that needed to be opened quickly. It was a good way to prioritize the boxes.

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