Career Change Tension

My husband made a complete career change a year ago after being laid off from a job that he had been unhappy with for a long time. He moved into a sales/commission-based career and has had to start from the bottom to work his way up. His first year has been surprisingly profitable for someone just starting out but there have been some very slow/tight months and this is our first year of marriage. His job doesn't provide health benefits, a 401K, etc. I have a corporate job that does offer those things however I am afraid of what would happen if I lost mine. 

I have tried very hard to be his cheerleader and be supportive of his new career but there are realities about his job that really worry me, especially if we have a family. Such as, what if he goes a month or more without getting a paycheck? What if I lose my job? I also get worried at how depressed he becomes when he has a slow period. Money is always a source of stress for him. We have talked about these concerns before and he claims he is going to get a "traditional" job but I don't see him acting on it. 

Does anyone have experience with this type of situation?  

Re: Career Change Tension

  • A sales job is not for everyone.  And I am guessing he is an independent contractor, which doubly sucks.

    Does he have something he can do to provide an additional source of income? A guy I know is a salesperson and he has no benefits, either -- he supplements his income by renting himself out as a magician during his down time. Most of his wekends are full of kid's parties and other events where a magician is needed; he even does corporate events.

    You and he need to collaborate and discuss this issue more. And health insurance is absolutely essential.

    Wishing you guys luck.
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