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SOOOOO Confused!

My husband and I are married, but the first wedding was small and just us and our parents because we wanted to get married before he went over seas for his job. We were really content with the tiny wedding, but now we realize that we want a wedding with our families on our anniversary, March 24th, but we don't know if it's the right thing because I'm 12 weeks pregnant now and he starts his promotion in January. I really need advice on whether to have the wedding with our family this anniversary or wait until our next anniversary.

Re: SOOOOO Confused!

  • I would suggest waiting until you feel comfortable, ready and financially capable of doing it. If that is for your next anniversary, then great, if isn't until your next anniversary, then you could do it then.

    Whatever you do, I would suggest taking the approach of doing a vowel renewal/celebration and not a wedding. This typically means that it is not as elaborate and people do not usually bring gifts. Since you chose to have a small ceremony the first time around, that is technically your wedding...the next one is a vowel renewal.

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  • The only time I find these things okay is if the couple essentially has a reception/celebration. We've been to one for a couple that had a destination wedding with their parents and then a few months later threw a party to celebrate. Call me crazy but with a baby on the way I would think you'll have more important things on your mind and many more expenses. You should consider a party on your anniversary that is simple but is a way to include family and friends.
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  • You had a wedding. It's impossible to have another one unless you get divorced or widowed.
  • Your wedding is over. But, you could have an anniversary party to celebrate your first year of marriage and the fact that you never had a reception. This could be a back yard Bar B Que or at your home. Having a do over wedding with a baby on the way is kind of tacky. Sorry.
  • Well, you had your wedding already.  You can't have another one unless you get divorced.

    If you want a vow renewal, knock your socks off.  But, I think a big celebratory party for your coming baby, husband home, and all that jazz would be far more appropriate at this point in your lives.

  • We had a very simple wedding and later regretted that we hadn't done something a bit more fun. We decided to wait for ten years (we were at 7 when we realized this!) and then have a vow renewal somewhere fun - he says Disney World, I'm thinking more tropical. Either way, it is something to look forward to and celebrates our marriage!
  • I would honestly wait because as others said you have more important things to take care of.
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  • As per my opinion what is important now is your pregnancy?you should take care of yourself and must concentrate on your upcoming baby. You can celebrate your 2nd anniversary like your wedding with all friends and families.
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