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ex's girlfriend is a stalker

So when I was searching names on facebook, I stumbled upon an account I believe to be impersonating me. Now, I am not certain, but I have had issues in the past with my ex's current girlfriend..making fake facebook accounts to get information from me about my ex, writing ornery comments as herself on my husbands and my wedding website(from theknot), and just recently (within the last month)sending me text messages pretending to be my ex, and yesterday I found the impersonating facebook page.
 I have this gut feeling that she is the one who made the page. 
I figured out the first fake account thing because she literally messaged me on her real account afterwards talking about the same issue she was trying to get out of me as the fake person on the fake account..Not the smartest crayon in the box I guess. The text messages were from a random 0000 number with my ex's number in can get programs that can do that for you, so this was an obvious thing as well, its just really damn creepy. Actually when I put it all together it just really freaks me out. I really hope the page with my nickname wasnt made to impersonate me, but I have a bad feeling. What should I do about this???! I am actually not even feeling safe anymore with this whole thing. I am debating on whether to change my number completely. Has anyone else had issues like this with their exes girlfriends?!? I feel like its not even the slightest bit normal here.
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Re: ex's girlfriend is a stalker

  • Lawyer up!  Tell her to stop or you will take her to court for defimation of character.  Tell her once. Then have your lawyer do it. What she is doing is against the law. I'd say sue her for damages and take the money. 
  • What is it that she wants from you? Obviously you're not a threat to her relationship with your ex, since you're married. Either she's totally psycho or maybe your ex has done something to betray her trust, and she's just trying to find out more about the guy from a reliable source (you)?  How long have they been together? Do you still talk to your ex? I'm trying to think why she'd be so desperate to contact you. What is she saying in her messages? Are they threats, or is it questions?

    I think there may be more to the story. I'd say tell her truthful answers to any questions she has about him, but also maybe tell your ex that she's snooping. And also be clear after you answer whatever question she has that you have moved on and aren't really interested in talking to her or your ex. 

  • I too think there is more to this story or maybe this story is made up.  If it isn't then, I would contact Facebook about the fake profile, and ask them to pull it. Lock down your own Facebook account the absolute most private you can- I am thinking she is not a friend on there.  Contact ex- if you want- you don't have to and let him know she is stalking you.  Change your number.  Delete your wedding website.  If it continues file a police report and get a restraining order.  

  • Thanks for the advice! Haha oh how I wish this was a made up story. I actually considered looking for a lawyer but I dont know if it would be worth it in the long run with how much it costs to get one versus how much I could actually get from it all.

    I do not talk to my ex, and haven't for years. The only thing I can come up with is that she is an insecure person and just doesnt trust him..and is psycho. I seriously dont understand why she would be trying to text me though, maybe she is thinking I'll give something away like he has been cheating on her with me with how I respond in the texts? The texts are not bad either, they seem to be regular things you would say to anyone, like hows your day, etc. I think they have been together about 3 years but I could be wrong. 


    When she was talking to me with her fake account, I made it completely clear how much my life has turned around now that I had found the love of my life and had no desire to even have any contact with my ex. You cant get much clearer than that, but I guess she sees that as a lie too. And I stated the same thing with other questions answered when she herself wrote me on facebook. 


    I just do not get why she needs to act like someone else with fake accounts and texting, it just makes no sense at all. Someone suggested to me today she might be using the account that may be impersonating me to talk to her bf, such as make me out to be a cheating b****, and try to see if he will cheat. I hope that isnt the case but I feel like why else would you make an account that was supposed to be me? 

    I ended up emailing my ex to let him know that someone has been texting me saying its from his cellphone, asked him to at least give me a heads up if it was him or not, but I don't really expect an answer from him on what is going on though.

    All in all I am shocked that all this actually occurred and I'm hoping it will soon stop, preferably sooner rather than later. 

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  • When in doubt, defer to professionalism.

    I'd call your ex boyfriend/husband/whatever and discuss it calmly and in a rational manner. Don't be accusatory, just call and say hey, I know we haven't chatted in awhile but some strange harassment type stuff has been going on with facebook, emails and texting that seem to be associated with you. I'm not sure if you are aware of this stuff but it has gotten pretty intense and if you could please see what you can do on your end to have it stopped that would be great. Otherwise I'm at the point that I'm going to have to seek legal advice to have this dealt with, it has all gotten quite out of hand.

    Thanks for your help, hope you are well - bye!

    If you haven't had a response to your email in 3 days I'd call. If he doesn't answer, I'd leave a message simply saying hey, it's chrisandsarahwedding, I know we haven't spoken in awhile but something has come up that I'd like to speak with you about, could you please give me a call back when you get a minute, kthanksbai.

    If he doesn't call back after 3 days, email again but basically saying the above. Print this out and start documenting the harassment, then seek legal advice. You can get low cost legal advice from somewhere, I'm sure. Local university law students?


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  • I've had issues with my H's ex harassing us. I carefully collected every piece of communication from her phone #s, email addresses, FB accounts etc. and at some point threatened to sue her. That seems to have stopped her, thankfully. I would have definitely proceeded with the plan though. GL!

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