I've Lost my best friend (S)

Hi everyone.

So everyone can understand better the situation I'll explain briefly how my friend is:

She is a very social girl, she is always full agenda. Sometimes we used to hang out having dinner or a couple of beer outside her house. I'm the only one who she talk about her private life, boys, relationships, and deeper stuff, like cheatings. I know this because she told me so and to be honest I would pick one friend to tell this stuff.. And since I have my Fiancee i just hang out with him and married friends or other couples, we dont party like her. But she is very jealous when I do something and dont invite her, though I told her what we do every weekend and she is always invited anytime she wants to hang out. This wasnt enough, because one in a while she calls me angry because I dont call her and ask how is she going.. i told her im not a phone person since ages! 

The last time I saw her is when i went to a bar with other friends teachers like me. I didnt called her because she go to bed at 10pm during the week. So i got there at 9pm, and i saw her celebrating another girl's birthday I know. I went to say hi and everything was ok... after two days she was telling me that  why I dont call her, that I dont care about her and I didnt invite her.. that I hang out always with other people instead and a lots of blah blahs... this happened since always and I was tired of this.. all my other girl friends know who I am and I dont like to talk to the phone... i prefer go visiting them as I usually do.. but we work or spend time with family, with my fiancee, i barely go out during the week. I told her that once I was waiting to go out with her for like 1 month... because i was asking whe we could meet for drinks or dinner and she was very busy.. but I didnt get angry because of that.. Why I can understand other people's social life and she can't with me.. though I'm not very social like her. The last time I called her was to warn her about a married guy who has been interested in her... 

he is a 38 yr old involved with something about drug dealing, and married and actually has a 24 pregnant gitlfriend. When I found out I warn her and she just said that his family was in a palace so it doesnt matter what he does.. and that she know everything about his marriage life... and he is a good person...

I'm in shock about everything... I was going to tell her that i wanted her to be my maid of honor but this *** happenned... 

Re: I've Lost my best friend (S)

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