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Fantasy Friday

So I was trying to think of something different to do today and I came up with Fantasy Friday. And this are things you could only want in your dreams and this is a time to be selfish. So if money was NO object and you could go out and buy whatevere you wanted what would be your top 5 things? And these are only things for you or your H.

Re: Fantasy Friday

  • Honestly, I am pretty happy with what we have. I guess if I had to buy 5 things this is what they would be: 1. A new car. I love my little Corolla, but its old and its got some motor issues, and I'd love to own one new car in my lifetime 2. A camper or trailer to take road trips. 3. A large canvas of a wedding photo for over the bed 4. A new laptop (since my is literally falling apart...the screen is broken) 5. A Tiffany necklace
  • 1. A new home , big single needed no work! 2. A trip around the world 3. A personal trainer  to ge me and h skinny 4. I want to own a animal rescue 5. A shore house
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  • 1. To have our custom dream house built! 2. I would buy me and hubby brand new vehicles. 3. I would buy us a vacation house in Florida and in the Virgin Islands. 4. I would buy an awesome lake house and a boat and seedoos to go with it! 5. I would buy all the diamonds my little heart desires and a killer shopping spree and then let hubby have whatever he wants...

    you said this is stuff for JUST me and hubby but one thing I would really really love to do is have a place where people can take their animals to get spayed or neutered for free and free medical for any animal. I hate when people dont get their animals fixed and they end up having babies and have to find homes for these babies and most of the time people take puppies and dont realize how hard it is and then the puppy goes from place to place and ends up in a shelter. Just makes me So mad. It wouldn?t happen if you would just get your animal fixed!!



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  • 1. We would build a house we love ours but a bigger one would be great 2. H a new truck 3. A boat we have a small one now that H uses for duck hunting but we would love a bass/ski boat for the summer 4. A shopping spree I would love to clean out and change my wardrobe 5. We would go on a huge trip and tour the 50 states there are so many places we want to see
  • 1. An awesome house with a guest house for when the parents visit! 2. furnishings & new electronics for said house 3. new cars for both of us 4. definitely a shopping spree! 5. there's a lot of stuff H & I have always wanted to learn so we'd take a lot of classes @Invane - H & I have talked about doing something animal related if we ever hit the jackpot and never had to work again. I'd love to be able to foster for the organization we adopted our pup from but it would be so hard to see them go!!

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  • 1. A house 2. New cars for H and me 3. A vacation home in Florida 4. Furnishings for these new homes 5. A looong vacation around the world to all the places we want to see :)
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  • 1. Buy a house on Martha's Vineyard 2. Buy a boat so we wouldn't have to rely on the ferry 3. New cars for both of us (well, one would be a classic car like a Chevelle, and me an SUV. H said he would keep his truck). 4. Trip to Europe and spend the month of July following the Tour de France around 5. either buy or build a house in the mountains of NH. On a lake.
  • Hubby and I just had this conversation this week, in hopes of winning the lottery on Wednesday. It was fun to dream then and I guess we still get to dream! 1. House in Malibu where we got married - we love it there. 2. Trip around the world. Hubby did this when his father still worked for the airlines and said it was the best thing 3. Hubby wants a new house where we currently live, but wants one square mile. I'm not sure why, but this is important to him to own one square mile of land. weird, I know. 4. A porsche or ferarri for Hubby, he's just always dreamed of owning one of them 5. Extreme shopping trip!!!!! If I could I would totally pay off my families houses too, so they could live mortgage free. Hope hope hope for that lottery someday!
  • 1.a Subaru Tribeca with all the bells and whistles.  2. A new truck for Mike 3. A vacation home someplace warm with a nearby golf course 4. a brand new brand name wardrobe.  5. An Ipad or some sort of tablet.  
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  • 1. Get our church reno finished... i still would love to live in it, but it'd be awesome to be able to just work on it and get it done;

    2. i'd buy a few different cars - one super sweet SUV of some sort, one fully loaded mini just for fun, and whatever hubby wanted;

    3. I'd buy hubby a plane, or let him build one (that's his dream);

    4. i'd get a vacation house in the mountains somewhere;

    5. we'd travel... anywhere and everywhere!  

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  • 1. Custom built house where we live now

    2. House in VT

    3. House in Fiji

    4. Personal shopper/stylist

    5. Clothes shopping spree!

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  • Honestly, all I would want is a bigger house with no mortgage. If we didn't have a mortgage, I would be able to be a stay-at-home mom and that's all I want to do.
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  • 1. A vacation home somewhere on an island 2. I'd hire a personal chef and maid 3. New cars for DH and I, but I'd probably get something simple 4. A new wardrobe 5. Another vacation home somewhere in the mountains
  • It's fun to dream, isn't it?

    1) We'd build a custom home on a lake near us

    2) New cars for me & H - H needs one now, and I don't really need one, but if money is no object why shouldn't I drive an Aston Martin instead of a Ford?

    3) We'd pay off all our student loans

    4) Vacation home in south Florida 

    5) A gloriously expensive and luxurious vacation to the Maldives 

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  • 1. A house I can actually call "home" (haven't had that since beginning of 7th grade).

    2. Pay off all debt (really all we have is a few student loans, no CC or anything) so H can stop worrying about stuff ...grrr

    3. A puppy? But we would need #1 for that first

    4. A baby? *ahem* But of course not for a few years... :-/

    5. Maybe all kinds of fun house warming stuff for our new home :-)   Can you tell I fantasize about a place to live a lot? 

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