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Christmas Traditions

Does anyone have any Christmas traditions? Are you going to start anything new with your husband? 

Re: Christmas Traditions

  • We have none. I'd like to start some with DH especially now that we'll have a child. We are not religious at all (DH actually grew up Jewish and I grew up Catholic- but we don't practice anything) so any traditions that we start will just be about being together as a family. We were thinking that this may be the last year that we'll travel for the holidays and our new tradition may be waking up as a family on the holiday and opening gifts with just us. Not very exciting, but it appeals to me. When the kid(s) are older, I'd like to volunteer somewhere on Christmas since we don't go to church. DH and I used to do this on Easter, and we loved it. It was our own way of honoring the holiday.
  • Well we always open 1 gift (pjs) on Christmas Eve along with our stockings. Christmas morning we usually wake up early to open presents just the 2 of us. The day after Thanksgiving we always put up the Christmas tree. Also we like to shop for everyone on our list together. We aren't religious either (H was born catholic practices baptist I am baptist) but neither of us go to church or anything. I am sure when we have kids we will do more.
  • So far, I think we will exchange ornaments for each other each year. My mom was always big into getting each person an ornament for Christmas. I also thought the ornament could represent what the year was like or one of the big events in that year. Just like this year would be us getting married. 
  • My family has lots (maybe too many) of traditions around christmas, H's side doesn't have any, so it might take us a few years to decide what to purge, what to add and what start ourselves.

    My favorite ones from my side are:

    1. Advent. My family does Advent every single night from 4 sundays before christmas. Light a candle for every day and sing christmas songs and read a part of the Christmas story  and an inspirational story and then my dad always did a candy hunt for us (like easter) with the number of candies for the number of days. We probably wont do this with just us, but I think when we have kids we will (but maybe just the sundays not every day), it was awesome for family time and kind of pointing us away from the "shopping/business" and reflect on what Christmas is really celebrating.

    2. On the first day of Advent we (each of the kids) always got an "advent present". It was always one of those glass houses that light up, so over the years we created quite the christmas village. I want to continue this one as its quite fun to add to the village every year.

    3. Christmas eve: We aways would go to the christmas eve service at church and then come home and have apple cider, play skip-bo (or other games) and then open ONE present of our choice. (Me and Hubs have done this for the past 2 years with or without my family being around)

    We are still trying to come up with something we want to do thats a new tradition that we can make ours. But nothing stands out so far.


  • I think H and I have also decided that we will take a picture every Christmas morning just the 2 of us by the tree starting this year (our first year of marriage.) That way we can see how much our tree/presents change, how we change, once we have kids, etc.
  • This is our first Christmas in our own place! We have spent Christmas with each other one with my family and then one with his, but this is our first Christmas waking up in our own place! I am so excited!

    H is used to opening gifts on Christmas Eve, while I am used to opening gifts on Christmas Day. When we spend Christmas with H's family in VT we will open our gifts on Christmas Eve, and then when we spend Christmas with my family where we live in MA we will open them on Christmas Day. But when we have kids we decided they will open one gift on Christmas Eve, and the rest on Christmas Day. 

    H didn't really have any other traditions and the only other ones that I have is reading "The Night Before Christmas" the night before Christmas and watching "A Christmas Story" on Christmas. Both of which H loves :)

    I'm sure over the years, and once we have kids, we will create lots of new traditions. 

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  • Angel goes on the tree on Christmas Eve... I even made a replica angel similar to my family's a couple years ago but we've never used it yet. So this year we'll use it. 

    My family does Christmas day turkey dinner with cranberry sauce and apple pie. H's family does Christmas Eve lasagna (unfortunately a version I'm not a big fan of- and I told him I'll kill him if he mentions it to MIL).

     So we are going to do presents with his family Christmas Eve, put the angel on, and do our gifts with each other Christmas (like my family does). Nothing big. Then late at night I'm hoping we can skype with my family (everyone else will be in Japan) and see the kids running around. 

    I'd like a new tradition that's just us - still haven't thought of one yet.

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