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Thirty-One party

Ehhh...I feel kinda bad....:(

So I was just at my MOH's Thirty-One party...and I totally bought a purse and a lunch box.....lunch box was a need...purse was a want...58 bucks later...OUCH....Ughhh

I feel so bad ....Hubby has sticker shock lol..butttt I keep telling will last longer then 15 dollar walmart ones...and least its not a Coach etc for ALOT more lol....*slapping self*   why do i feel bad??? Lol...I deserve to spoil myself :)  Besides...its an interchangable least its only 15 bucks anytime I wanna change the bottom half design...rightttt?? Lol

Re: Thirty-One party

  • Never heard of Thirty one- but I do love me some Coach factory outlet shopping.  Got a coach hipster for 78 bucks and they last forever.......
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  • I can understand your H's shock to the sticker price. I've only been to one Thirty-One party and I couldn't believe that they wanted $90 for one wicker basket but maybe that's because I'm cheap. Anyways, I understand that you wanted something nice for yourself and it's OK to treat you from time-to-time but if the situation was reversed would you be upset with H for spending $60 on something that you saw as unneccessary? I hope I just didn't come off as a b*tch there :( I can just understand where your hubby is coming from.
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  • If it makes you feel any better...I received a Thirty-one overnight bag as a gift at one of my showers, and it is awesome!  Really nice quality, built to fit a lot of stuff in it.  I'm sure it will last a long time, your H will eventually get over it.  My H had sticker shock at a pair of prescription sunglasses I bought for awhile, but he shut up about it once he saw how much I used them.  Just use the crap out of that purse and he'll likely forget about it =]
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  • We got a Thirty-one tote for a gift last year, and I love it. It really is good quality. Maybe you can say that could be his Christmas gift to you? Just an idea.
  • Hubby does spend 60 bucks on random Brown's or beer he knows its justified lol......It is really nice quality so it better last...glad to hear it does :) Like I told him...least I didnt buy any of the big expensive bags just was a shock last
  • I am obsessed with Miche bags :)
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