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Does anyone have a tattoo? I've been contemplating getting a tattoo that kind of represents the love I feel for my husband. I thought about getting a infinity knot. Has anyone thought about getting a tattoo?

Re: Tattoo?

  • I have two small tattoos that I got when I was 19. One is a small script "A" on my hip bone. The other is 3 music notes on my right foot. I used to dance competitively and I taught for awhile so it was something that was important to me. There are 3 notes because my parents' have 3 kids - my sister, my brother and myself.

    My husband also has two tattoos. His are both family related. 

    As much as I love H, I would never get a tattoo about/for him nor would I expect him to get one about/for me. My brother used to work in a tattoo shop, has over 85 tattoos and he would say the same thing. 

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    I have 2! As you can see above. Jiminy  Cricket is on my  right shoulder blade, I got that one almost 2 years ago now with my dad.. he had a matching jiminy on his shoulder, that one didn't hurt too bad. It felt like a massive bruise for about 2 weeks but wasn't too bad even while getting it.

    The second one, is a flower (obviously) and my dad's signature. I  got it February this year after my dad passed away. He always called me his "delicate little flower" (inside family joke). That one is on the inside of my left ankle and that one was SUPER itchy and stung for a few days. 

    I love my tattoos.

    I like the idea of the infinity knot, but personally i'd leave any names or anything out of it. I know we all plan on forever, but sometimes plans change. (Not trying to be a downer over here just giving my opinion). Whether the marriage lasts forever, he will be a part of your life forever, which is why i don't mind the infinity knot idea, but I usually look twice at people that get, for instance, their SO's name tattoo'd somewhere on them...

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  • I got a small tattoo of two overlapping hearts when I was almost 19. I want to get something like this:

    I am thinking between my shoulder blades. 

  • I haven't thought about getting a tattoo, but then I'm personally just not a big fan of them in general.  But to each their own!  Like PP said, I'd leave names out of it.

    However, your post reminded me of some I saw on Pinterest the other day (possibly even pinned by a TK or TN -er!  Not sure).  Anyways, if you are going to do it I like the idea of an infinity knot with a heart or something.  Here were the ones that came to mind:


    photo trex2_zps7ab4e9b0.jpg
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  • I have a tattoo on the back of my neck it's a 5 point swirl crown. I was in a sorority in college and one of our symbols was a 5 pointed crown but it also has a personal meaning other than that. Out of all my cousins there are 5 younger than me and I helped raise all of them at some point in their/my life. So each point represents one of them. All of them are girls so the crown was very fitting.

    I would never get a tattoo for H, however he wants to get one that represents me and him that he can add to when we have kids. I think it's a personal decision most people say not to do it because if for some reason (heaven forbid) the marriage ends then you are stuck with a tattoo of this person you are no longer with.

  • I wouldn't put names on it, but I don't think there is anything wrong with getting an image to symbolize the relationship as they will always be a special part of your life no matter what happens.

    I don't have any tattoos (as of yet) but there are three that I have been planning to get since I was 16 and still plan to get one day...but H doesnt like tattoos on girls so I havn't been in a hurry. I might go get one with my girlfriend next spring for our birthdays (our birthdays are a week apart).

    The three I want are 1. A solid cross under my shoulderblade (back) to symbolize my faith. About 4 inches tall 2. A llama face made out of lines (to symbolize my experiences in Peru) about 1 inch tall on the back of my neck and 3. A small solid star on my ankle to symbolize dreams and hopes of all the years.

  • I don't have any. I go back and forth between liking the idea and feeling uncomfortable with something on my body for the rest of my life. My brothers however (both of whom have tattoos), have been pushing for the three of us to get something.

    I like the idea of the infinity knot, however I agree w/ PPs that I would be hesitant to get something for H. Again, not to be a Debbie Downer, but I understand those are the most covered or removed tattoos.

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  • Yes! I have a tattoo symbolising our marriage/relationship. It is a cursive B on the inside of my left wrist (about an inch tall). It was the B that was on our wedding invites and I loved it as soon as I saw it. Mind you, my maiden name also begins with a B so it represents family in general to me!

    I have three other tattoos; two that I love and one, well, that I could do without. I have a small heart on the inside of my right ankle, three maple leaves down my left ribs and... a tribal tramp stamp. 17 year olds do not make good life choices, apparently. Shocker!

  • I completely agree with the other posts.  If you love the idea of the infinity knot - go for it, but don't put names on it.  You're stuck in a permanant decision later in your life if something were to change. 

    I'm not a tattoo person, but each to their own.  My sister has a chinese symbol meaning faith on her wrist and then I'm not sure if she just had too much to drink or basically lost her mind, but got stars behind her ear.  Luckily she did 3 stars in her stupor and now "uses" it for her 3 loves of her life; her H and two kids.  She regrets getting the stars and just kind of did it on a whim when she got out of grad school. 

  • Oh boy...Lol...I just had to jump into this one :)

    My hubby has over 13 tattoos...most are music ones..his fav bands etc...he just got the Cleveland Browns helmet few months ago...he did surprise me with our wedding date on the indside of his left wrist a few weeks before the wedding :) 

    We both want to get our first dance song somewhere..its a Metallica song so god forbid anything should happen its still one of his fav bands and the date is easily fixable wouldnt be so def wont be anytime Or we might do Donald and Daisy duck which was mixed into the wedding a bit and is us :)  but also fun and cute

     I got my first and only one so far a couple months before the wedding..its a Celtic Dolphin on my left shoulder blade....I had always said growing up that if I ever got one it would have to be a dolphin first...always been my fav animal..and with my Irish heritage...the celtic merging the 2 was my dream...and it was success...I LOVE it.....It hurt like crazy after the fact but well worth it....was just like a BAD I dont have much pain tolerance artist and hubby both were shocked I was able to handle such a big piece for 3 hrs with color as my first one..but I did :)

    I want mannny more..but I am one of those that will wait till I have the exact design in mind...I want 2 memorial great grandma( butterfly with breast cancer ribbon)...something eagle/nature for my fav rock band..Halestorm..their list goes on haha


  • I have been looking at pinterest a lot for ideas. I found you that is the infinity knot but has an anchor in it. 

    My husband was in the NAVY, which is a way of representing him and I love the water. But, I am still unsure. I don't have any tattoos and I guess the idea of having something for the rest of my life is a bit unnerving. Thanks for everyones opinion.  

  • I don't like recommending anyone to get or not get a tattoo because that's a very personal decision.  My hubs thinks about getting one every now and then (he doesn't have any) and I don't feel comfortable really giving him my opinion on what he should/shouldn't get because it'll be on his body forever, not mine.

    That being said, I *personally* wouldn't consider the infinity knot tatt because it seems really trendy right now, and you know how trends go.  When I was deciding on mine I thought about them for a long time (the biggest one for 3 years) before deciding I actually wanted it.

    Not sure if these pics will work (linking from facebook)...

    My first one is a blue star on my foot done in '03 or '04?  Got it done with my bff in college (hers is red).  Couldn't find a picture, but it's pretty easy to imagine.


    This is my second one, done in 2004.


    This is my third one done in '07 (took about 11 or 12 hours).  Not really a great pic of the tatt.. and yes, that's a tequila bottle I was carrying around before the wedding  lol

  • I've always wanted one and joke that if I ended up at Humboldt (college) I'd have a rose one by now. But I ended up at a more buttoned up school so none yet. After my dad passed I seriously thought of it.

     If I do get one it will most likely be a north arrow- for many reasons but I love them... but not yet. 

  • I know I'm a bit late to this one. But I have one! I got one for my SISTER'S 18th birthday (I had been talking about getting one for years and when she was finally allowed she convinced me to go with her) that is the Arabic word for "Beautiful" on my foot. My name Jamael comes from the Arabic jameela which means beautiful, so I basically just got my name in Arabic along the top of my foot. It hurt really bad. Then I learned that I had actually gotten in backwards (so it looked like aleemaj), because Arabic reads right to left (which I knew) but Google Translate kept giving it to me left to right, but of course, I don't speak Arabic, so I didn't know.

    So since it bothered me a lot, I got it covered up last year. Here is my new one:image

    It is an olive tree (still in the Arabic, Mediterranean family) with a dove flying away with a freshly plucked olive branch. the darker part of the roots of the tree is my old tattoo.  And this one hurt WAY more than the first.

    But I still love the idea of my first tattoo, and I eventually want it done again, but properly :-)

    photo enhanced-buzz-23740-1333550931-30_zpsdc46930f.jpg

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