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help! Fleas

this is completely gross and embarassing but two days ago my dh started seeing some brown flakes on our dog. She had been scratching a lot in one spot so I (stupidly) said it was probably just pieces of a scab she scratched off!

Well today he sawit again and called the vet, and turns out its fleas. She said that is the "flea dust" basically the dead skin and blood, ick! Our poor baby!

My husband gave her a bath this morning and found 2 fleas on here and a lot of spots of the "Flea dust". I don't know how severe this issue is. Because...I don't have any bites or anything on me and the dog sleeps in our bed! (I know, another yuck)

He is going to wash all our bedding and take our comforter to the cleaners. He has been vaccuming all morning but has to go to work. I told himt o vaccum the couch but he doesn't have time to do in our bedroom and the loveseat in there. It doesn't help that all our stuff is dark- we have a black loveseat in teh bedroom, gray and black sheets, a gray comforter. I am freaking out that i need to leave work and get home to start going like a mad woman. I have been reading online about getting Borax and putting it on the rugs. Our entire place is carpeted with  a berber carpet. Our dog roams everywhere in the apartment, on the couches in our bed, under the bed etc.

 Does anyone have any experience with fleas? Do you think we just found a few and can kill them off or are we infested? Do I need to call an exterminator? Do a flea bomb? (I don't really want chemicals allover the house, our dog is only 8 lbs!)


Re: help! Fleas

  • If possible, apply a topical product like Frontline to your dog. (Make sure you have the correct dose for the dog's weight, and be careful combining potent flea shampoos with the Frontline. If it were me, I would bathe my dog in regular shampoo and then apply the Frontline, or whatever product you may use.) The more you can seclude your dog to one area of your home the next few days the better; even better yet if it's in a room without carpet. Wash everything you can think of, including the dog's bedding every day for the next few days. Your husband was right to start washing your bedding and vacuuming right away. You should also try to vacuum every day until you get the problem under control. If you vacuum and wash faithfully for the next week-two weeks you should be able to control the problem without flea-bombing your house! If you put something white on the floor (t-shirt or sheet) you should be able to see the fleas-a good way to check if you have rid your home of those nasty bugs! Good luck!
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  • When I was growing up we had cats and every few years would get fleas and I am the one who the bugs like so I would be the one to say MOM we have fleas again! Honestly they are not that hard to get rid of. Wash towels, bedding all in hot hot water, every 4 or 5 days until theres no one getting bit anymore. (If no one is getting bit but the dog, just once might be fine) vaccuum everywhere (couches, floors carpet or not, curtains, welcome mats,) And make sure theres no laundry laying around (if it is wash it in hot water and then put it away right away! - keep closet doors/drawers closed as much as possible). Also huge difference was when my parents got thier newest cat, they first would take him to the vet to get flea shots, and then found a flea product that goes in his food rather then the flea collers or the stuff you put on thier skin....they havn't had any problems with fleas since using the food drops or the shots.

  • In addition to treating your dog, one thing you want to do is if you have a yard, treat it. Our vet recommended Sevin Dust. It is very safe for animals. It works VERY well and we haven't had issues with fleas since we started using it in addition to using Frontline on our dogs.
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  • I realize this is a bit late, but I live in an area that has super fleas that seem to survive everything. Two things have saved me: #1) Comfortis. It's a feed through flea medication and is the only thing that has worked for my dogs. You can get a prescription from your vet. If you're past that point and the fleas are turning on you, go to step #2, a flea bomb. I know, you don't want to have chemicals all over the house, and it is pretty nasty. But those suckers work. Whenever I had to set one off I would actually leave the house for a day or two, taking the dogs with me. Then when you come home, open every window and turn on fans to ventilate and wash any fabric that you can (especially bed sheets!). Be sure to read the directions (they only work for so large of a space), and put a magazine or piece of cardboard under the bomb to catch any dripping. Stay away from flea shampoos not recommended by the vet- they can cause serious health problems for your pooch. Hope it all worked out for you!
  • i also use comfortis on my dogs. one of them is allergic to flea saliva and gets really itchy regardless of the amount of fleas around.  comfortis works great but is pretty expensive and you have to keep them on it.  expensive topicals work well too. but only the expensive ones.  advantage is my favorite and it doesnt leave a residue on my cat when treated.  vacuum vacuum vacuum and be sure to empty the canister/bag every time or the fleas will crawl out. if they're really bad you may have to bomb the house to get rid of them.
  • As a dog groomer for the last nine years, I've seen and heard of a lot of ways to go about flea control. The best treatment I've found for your house is called Diatomaceous Earth - it comes in a powder, similar to Borax and the application is similar. Move furniture, vacuum, sprinkle powder in all areas, replace furniture. You can either leave it down, or vacuum after a few days to a week. The best thing about it, is that it is completely natural, it coats live fleas and essentially dehydrates them, and then prevents larvae and eggs from continuing to grow. Its safe for furniture, bedding, kids, pets and people. You can also use it as a flea powder or put it in food I believe as well. Its a big job to treat a house for fleas, but definitely worth it, as those little critters are a nuisance! After treating the house, keep your pet on a flea preventative like Revolution, or Frontline. HTH!
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  • It's also good because there's no chemicals you have to worry about. You can generally find it in pet stores and co-ops Smile
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