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Anybody else doing TMMO?  We are and we have paid off $71, 831.  Yes, we had that much debt but now that much is gone!!  We still have a bit to go.

We are a military family living in Germany and its hard not to just use all our extra cash for traveling but paying off debt.  But it is getting done!

Also, hello!  I am new here.  :)




  • That's awesome!
  • What's TMMO?!

    And even though you had that much debt, that's great you're stepping up and paying it off!
  • Sorry, Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.

     Yes, hubby had a 2 yr stint of unemployment and we had a house we built and had to shortsale.

     But all is good now and we are doing great.  I cant wait till its gone!



  • Congrats!  That is amazing!
  • I am totally inspired!
    Married to DH 9/9/06 DD arrived 11/10/07 DS arrived 5/26/11
  • Question: How long did it take you to get this far?
    Married to DH 9/9/06 DD arrived 11/10/07 DS arrived 5/26/11
  • Congrats and hi!
  • We took FPU earlier this year.  We've paid off a few thousand.  We would've had another CC paid off, but DH lost his job earlier this month (we knew it was coming since July) so we took all of the snowball money and put it into savings.
    GSx1 - 05/13/2013

  • Hey all....
    we started in Aug 2009.  I havr actually blogged about our journey if anybody wants to read it.

    If you look on the side at popular posts, our original story is there.  My latest post show what I just paid off today!!!!  I am so excited!!
  • I am sorry to hear that.  We went thru 2 yrs of unemployment and it was hard.  Esp since we lived like he wasnt unemployed.  Its so nice to not be so irresponsible

     I dont always do it exactly like DR as we are stationed in Europe and use some cash to travel instead of paying off debt...but we are still doing well I think! 

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