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How does your Health Ins compare?

So, I know, I never post, but looking at my 2013 Health Benefits has made me a little pissed off. I was curious how your health insurance benefits compare. Am i being a big baby or do I need to look elsewhere?

Back in 2011 my company was bought out and so my wonderful health insurance was gone and crappy insurance came in for 2012. Basically, 2012 I paid $350 a month for myself and DD which included health, dental, vision. I had a FSA card that could be up to $5k. My insurance was the 80/20 after deductible was met, preventative is covered 100%, $1,500 deductible per person, $35 copay, $5k max out-of-pocket. Generic meds $15. 

I loved my FSA, because I could use it before the total amount was deducted from my paycheck, etc. But now...

2013: $350/month for myself and DD includes health, dental, vision. Preventative is covered 100%. $3,000 deductible per family, No copay, $9k max out of pocket. Now, there is an HSA up to $4k. Pay full price on meds.

So, I am not great at deciding insurance and what is good, etc. Does this seem to suck? The HSA can't be used like the FSA. Basically I can only use what money I have in there. Then, no copay just seems crappy, especially for meds. 

I get the whole HSA and you are not taxed on it, but is that really enough for me to enroll in this? Or should I just take what HSA would deduct from my paycheck and place it in my savings for my health costs? 

Also, for additional information, my husband works for the same company. We were planning to have another baby in 2013.

So, what do you think?  

Re: How does your Health Ins compare?

  • I don't have any experience with FSA/HSA, but I'm jealous it's only $350 for you and your DD.  For G and I it's ~$700.  I wouldn't be happy about the 9K max OOP, but why is no copay a bad thing?  Tell me more about FSA/HSA, maybe that will help me compare your options :)

    ETA:  I don't think your plan sounds bad really.  My plan covers well baby visits and preventative care for me with no copay and I have maternity coverage but I can't remember the details (I had a different insurance company when I was pregnant).  Family deductible is $1,500 I think.  
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  • We pay $380 a month for the 5 of us (the price is the same if we only had 1 kid though, and when m and I got married it only went up about $50 a month).  The kids well baby visits are covered at 100% as well as a physical for m and me, plus my well woman.  Everything else (prescriptions included) go towards the $10k family deductible.  I don't have any maternity coverage.  With that said, I don't think your plan is terrible.
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  • We have private insurance through BCBS. It's $833/mo for the three of us and it includes maternity coverage.  We have a $1k deductible per person and they do 80/20 coverage up to $10k out of pocket.  After 10k it's at 100%.  We have a $15 co-pay at doctor visits, well baby visits are free and so is preventative care.  
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  • We pay $160/month for DH and myself.  To add a child would be $60/month more. We have a $15 copay for doctor visits and $0 deductible. $25 copay for brand name prescriptions and $15 for generics. My maternity coverage is a $115 one time fee which includes prenatal visits,  delivery and postnatal care.  Preventative care/immunizations are covered at 100%. 
  • I don't think your insurance is that bad. Do you have options for other plans? Do I understand this correctly for your HSA: you can only use the amount that has accumulated? You don't get the full years amount at the beginning of the year?
  • image +buttercup+:
    I don't think your insurance is that bad. Do you have options for other plans? Do I understand this correctly for your HSA: you can only use the amount that has accumulated? You don't get the full years amount at the beginning of the year?
    Yes that is right. Thanks everyone. I used to have awesome insurance before my company was bought out, so hard for me to figure out how they compare. Readjng my benefits more closely, it looks like I may not have maternity.
  • I don't know all of my benefits off-hand, but I know that I pay nearly $700/mo just for H. Mine is covered by my district, plus a little extra that I pay for extra benefits. I pay $30 in co-pays and $50 for specialist co-pays. 

    I also take out extra insurance with an outside company for cancer, inability to work, etc.

    So, yeah, I'm kind of jealous of yours. But, with the options presented to me, mine seems like the right choice for H and me. It's just expensive as all hell.

  • When we had insurance through OSU [we now have health and dental through the military and vision through OSU], I paid $245/month for me and JJ. It's changed now to $256/month, with co-pays being $30 for routine, $50 for specialist, preventative care covered, $2250 family deductible. When you add in vision and dental, we probably would've paid about $300-$325/month. So yours really doesn't seem that bad at all.

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