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How fast do newborns grow out of newborn diapers?

I need to bring some diapers to my sis's baby shower but I want to get the next size up from newborn so they she'll already have a pack to start on.

But I don't know how long she'd have to wait to use them.  Is this even a good idea?

Re: How fast do newborns grow out of newborn diapers?

  • No experience myself, but my friend's baby was in newborn diapers for less than a month. I would maybe buy a pack of newborn diapers and then a pack of the next two sizes up...
  • DD is four months and could still fit in NB.  DS was out of them before 2 months.

    Totally depends on the baby.

  • I would even go up to size 1/2 or 2's.  My little boy is not quite 3 mos. and he is in size 1/2 or 2.  The 1/2 go up to 15 pounds whereas the 2's go to 18 pounds I think.  He was out of newborn by 3 weeks and out of 1's by 6 weeks.  I know pampers you can buy gift cards online just for the diapers.  You may want to check that out as well.

  • It's a good idea.  I wouldn't buy NB though, get a bigger size.  The hospital gave me all the NB I needed.  You never know how fast they'll grow.
  • image cjeanette:

    DD is four months and could still fit in NB.  DS was out of them before 2 months.

    Totally depends on the baby.

    Ditto. My niece is 5 months and is small, only 13ish pounds, she can still wear size 2 diapers. My best friend's DD is 3 months and is almost 16 lbs.

    Even if they have to wait 3 months, they'll be glad to have the larger diapers.

  • Totally depends on the baby.  DD wore NBs for 6-8 weeks, 1s for 3 weeks, 1-2s for a week, and has been in 2s ever since.
  • Anyway from 6-8 weeks, but I think we used more at that time. Dh was slow so many diapers were ruined. Size 1 for 2/3 weeks, size 1/2 for 8-12 weeks and then size 2 for 3 weeks.

    I would buy either NB or size 1/2, those lasted the longest. DS glossed over size 1 and 2. FWIW he was about 6 lbs when he came home but quickly jumped in size during growth spurts.?

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  • Just make sure to include a receipt so she can return them if she can't use them.
  • Yeah, I'd buy size 1's. My DD is 3 weeks old and can wear either NB or size 1. Some brands of newborns are already getting a bit small on her (Seventh Generation, ugh) and she's not particularly big. I think Pampers Swaddlers size 1's say they start at 8 lbs., so many babies can wear them from the start.
  • You should get her one of these... they're made with size 1 diapers.
  • Um, DS worn newborn diapers for 2 days - one day in the hospital and one day at home. ?After that he was in size 1's. ?So I might even lean toward getting size 2's - ? ?

    It totally does depend on the baby, obviously DS is a big boy (he was 9 lb, 5 oz at birth). ?He is growing out of size 4's right now at 11 months old....?

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  • I don't know about diapers, but my mom has always warned me against bringing newborn sized clothes to a baby shower, unless the baby has already been born and is small.  She says some babies are born too big for them. 
  • DD was 8 1/2 lbs at birth but still could wear NB for about 8 weeks.  I think she just has a skinny little butt, because now at 4 1/2 mos.she can still wear Pampers size 1's, though they are starting to get a little small.  The Costco 1/2's go to 15 lbs and they still fit her fine. She weighed 13 1/2 lbs at 4 mos.

  • If you want something practical, don't do diapers, do onesies in large sizes.

    LLL can only wear one brand without blow-outs, at least in the N and 1.  I've just heard once they hit size 2, it's not as big a deal.   

    But if you pick the wrong brand, she may not be able to use any of them.  

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