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"Just Because" gift ideas

I'm hoping the Nest can help me out with some gift ideas for my husband.  I'm looking for really inexpensive little things that just say "thinking about you today."  Let me give you an idea of the kind of thing I'm thinking of --

Last week I bought a bag of Hershey kisses and replaced the tags with a bunch of little notes like "I love you." "Just thinking about you." "Hope you have a great day." that kind of thing.  I hid them in places around the house where he usually would find them over the course of a day -- inside his favorite mug, in the breadbox, etc.  Didn't cost much, but was just something fun and hopefully made his day a little special.

In terms of "Love languages" I have an easy time with the "acts of service" and "togetherness" type of gifts, so what I'm looking for here are more specific gifts that I can buy or make --something he can unwrap.  Lots of gift guides out there are specific to birthdays or anniversaries, and just seem too expensive for an ordinary Tuesday or "out of the blue" just because kind of present.  Ideas?  What have you given your spouse that was a big hit?

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Re: "Just Because" gift ideas

  • This is a really nice gesture you're putting forth! =) I think I'd be mindful to remember DH's personal Love Language and interests while putting these things together. While leaving little gifties around the house is nice, my DH is more of the Words of Affirmation Love Language speaker so I would be better off emailing or texting him some sweet talk. So, while this idea is a nice thought it wouldn't work as effectively on my DH.

     What are your DH's hobbies? If he's a real outdoorsy type maybe get him some little boxes of fishing lures or leave a hunting call case or lanyard. For a geek I'd suggest cable ties or CD sleeves.

    Best wishes and keep up the good work! =)

  • This is more of a Valentine's Day gift idea but I made heart cutout sugar cookies and frosted them with pink and red frosting. On each one I wrote a little message like "Kiss Me" "Hug Me" or our initials. It turned out really cute. :-)

  • My DH is a "physical touch" love language, so I'm definitely focused on those kinds of things, too.  But I think all of us crave a little of all of the love languages, and I just run into the most trouble when it comes for ideas for gifts.  I did run into another idea on Pinterest that I liked, though, so I thought I'd post it here -- I'm going to give it a try!

    Penny Keychain: 

    Gift ideas on Pinterest:

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  • When I am looking to do something sweet for DH, I get his dad or brother to occupy him for the day. While he's gone, I'll get the house nice and clean and cook his favorite dinner and dessert (usually lasagna or steaks and apple pie). He loves coming home to a clean home and warm meal. Or sometimes I will give him a nice massage for no reason. He always likes that..

    When I go grocery shopping I buy the giant bags of his favorite candy (sour patch kids and swedish fish) and put a little baggie of them in his lunch box after he puts his lunch together. I will sometimes write a little note and stick it in there, too. Every time I do this I get a text from him around lunch time saying he got his little presents and loved them. :)

    And another thing I will randomly do is look through our old pictures. I will stick a wallet sized one in his pocket or wallet with a note saying "remember when we..." and write something we did around that time. That usually sparks a fun conversation of something we have done in the past, and sometimes we make plans to do it again.

    The last real present I bought him was a nice pair of headphones so he can talk to his friends while playing video games... But since we are saving for a house, we've stopped buying each other gifts as often as we used to. The little things will show him you love and appreciate him just as much.

    Hope this helps! And also hope your hubby realizes what a catch he has!! :)

  • you can try its really something fun because you make a book and add pages like i love you because you are tall. you basically add whatever you want it comes with many different things already made or you can make them as you want. You change the stick figures to what ever you want so that they look like you guys. It costs 29.94 or 39.94 its not bad and its unique and cute. I plan on doing this gift for my DH when and if I find out that we are expecting..

    check them out because I cant explain it much.

  • This is super sweet of you! 

    One thing I've done, which is a little obnoxious, is write on DH's car with window paint markers (from the dollar store). His car gets dirty from visiting his mother, who lives on a dirt road, so when I know he's about to get a car wash anyway, I'll randomly sneak to his car and write "I LOVE YOU!" or "YOU ROCK!" or whatever. It's always a surprise to him.

    Like PP mentioned, I've bought candy for my H too. Just a sweet treat every once in awhile.  

  • I've set alerts on DH's phone to go off at random times that say "I love you, thinking of you." Anytime I notice it's 11:11 I text DH. I have sometimes snuck little snickers into his car or jacket pocket with an I love you note. I've also gone to his office and stuck post it notes under the receiver of his desk phone, in his drawers, on his laptop screen so it's there when he opens it.


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  • It just depends on what your H likes. Every once in a while when I'm out and about, I make it a point to pick him up a mountain dew or something that H really likes but doesn't have all the time. When I leave work late at night and I know he'll be asleep already (I work at a bar and H gets up at 4am for his job) I'll grab a red bull or something for him and before I crawl in bed with him I'll leave him a little I love you note saying he has a present.
  • Are you close enough in proximity that you could surprise him during the day? I work a few blocks away from H and during the summer sometimes I would make a Starbucks run and bring him his favorite drink to work. It always really caught him by surprise and perked up his day (or seemed to, anyway). 
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