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Ouch! :(

I've had a weird feeling in my lower abdomen for the past month that feels like I pulled a muscle or something in my uterus or bladder. I honestly can't tell which, but it's whatever is right next to the part of your hip bone that sticks out. It's a very uncomfortable achy, crampy, stretchy feeling. I don't know how else to explain it, but I've never had it before. One night, about two weeks ago, I was laying in bed and got a really bad pain in that area, like a spasm or muscle cramp, and a few minutes later it went away. Now ever since then I feel a constant pressure on my left side, which I believe is the side I ovulated on this month. I also have felt sick to my stomach the past few weeks, like sour feeling in my stomach and feel like I'm going to throw up, which has seemed to get progressively worse the closer I get to AF, which is supposed to be this weekend. I feel really restless, probably because I'm just so uncomfortable, and I'm at a loss as to why my lower abdomen feels like it does. I have also been burping a lot lately, with no relief. Sorry, that's kind of gross. I was diagnosed with IBS in 2009, but haven't had any symptoms of it since then, until recently....Any ideas? Anyone else experience this?


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Re: Ouch! :(

  • it could be a million things, complications with IBS, a Cyst on your ovaries, or any number of things.  I would get into a Dr. ASAP because if it's a cyst and it bursts you could lose your ovary.
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  • I'm sorry you're uncomfortable, but no one can tell you what is going on inside your body. I suggest you go to your MD. Good luck.
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  • Thank you both. I should've mentioned that I did go to the doctor on Monday to discuss a number of things with her, including chronic back pain and numbness I've had for the past 5 years, as well as the pressure in my abdomen, but she was mostly focused on my back, so I didn't get any answers. :/

    I guess I am going to have to either make another appointment specifically for this, or get a second opinion. 

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  • Definetly go to the doctor again for IBS. Also ask about getting a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound if you ghink its serious enough to. Maybe even make an apointment with your obgyn, if you have one, to see if its reproductive related. The only glaring symptom I had before getting diagnosed with GERDs and IBS was severe ( like cant get out of bed) pelvic and abdominal pain. Good luck. Crossing fingers it's just a pulled muscle. 
  • image thefarmchick:
    it could be a million things, complications with IBS, a Cyst on your ovaries, or any number of things.  I would get into a Dr. ASAP because if it's a cyst and it bursts you could lose your ovary.

    You also shoujld not be having that much gas.

    I echo the PP who cited the above. Get to your gyn; report this and ask for a transvaginal ultrasound.

  • Definitely go to gyn if you haven't done so already. When I was 17 I had a cyst burst, was rushed to ER and they wanted to give me a hysterectomy, but my mother said no incase i could ever have kids. A year layer i believe it felt like another cyst burst, and i didn't get any medical attention and it became very painful to walk for weeks. For the past 3 years i haven't had another problem, just a little pain sometimes. I should go to the doctor soon as well, but i desperately need medical insurance (DH is working on it for us). Im worried about what i might find out but i need to know. Anyways just speaking from personal experience. I hope you get answers soon and i hope it wasn't a cyst!
  • Have you taken a pregnancy test?  I would also agree I think you need to go to your GYN it could be an ectopic pregnancy which would need medical intervention.  Please don't ignore this...
  • I have taken two pregnancy tests, one on Friday and one yesterday, both negative. I still haven't started my period yet though, and I am two days late. It's probably because my body is still adjusting to it's own hormones and cycles again. I had a throbbing pain in my uterus last night, like a spasm almost...I thought it might have been the onset of my period, but then nothing came. I'll be making an appointment with my doctor if I don't start by tomorrow, and probably even if I do, because this throbbing pain, even though it's only mild/moderate and not consistant, is not normal for me. Thanks for the responses. I will keep you updated.

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