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Amber alert, Jessica Ridgeway!!!

This might not be the place to post this but this is important. Jessica is 10 years old and has been missing since October 5th. She never made it to school, she is missing from Westminster, Colorado. Someone thinks they might have spotted her in Dexter, Maine in what they believe is a light blue station wagon with Colorado plates. If you live in Maine or if you see her please call the police even if you aren't sure anything is appreciated! 

Thank you  

Re: Amber alert, Jessica Ridgeway!!!

  • You have a sweet heart, Bridget. I see this story on the news. Poor girl, I hope she's alright and someone finds her.
  • I am just trying to help. If i had a missing child I would appreciate anyone who tried helping. I hope someone can find her and bring her home safe and sound!

    Thanks for not judging or talking smack :)

  • No, someone who talks smack about this just doesn't have a heart.
  • This is so sad. :-(  Did you see on the news this morning that they found a body in the area that she went missing and they think it may be her's? People are so sick that they could do something like this to a little girl. :-(

  • they found a car with Colorado license plates in NH, which matched the description of a car someone called to report in Maine. The police have towed it and are investigating as we speak. Hopefully this will give them some kind of clue on where to find her and to bring her home safely to her family.
  • I believe they just announced that the car was not connected to her :( I really wish it was and that the body they found isnt hers. We won't find out until tomorrow evening if it is her body. They said the body that was found was in pieces ;( people are so disgusting and I can't believe someone would hurt kids this way. 


    Sad, sad story!! 

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