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RP How to clean my old sock monkey?

My parents and I got into the attic and found a whole bunch of our old toys.  And my sock monkey is in there and dd LOVES it!  But, I can't figure out how to clean it.  I've wiped it off but it still smells and looks dingy. 

Any suggestions on how to wash it?  It's about 30 years old and has a little hole in the tail. 
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Re: RP How to clean my old sock monkey?

  • I cleaned up a few of my old toys a couple of years back. This website is helpful.

    Since you probably don't know what it's stuffed with, you probably can't wash it...especially considering it's age.

    You could try the baking soda method:

    * To keep your stuffed animal fresh, give it a dry bath
    on occasion with baking soda. Just sprinkle the baking
    soda on the stuffed animal and let it sit for about
    15 minutes. Then simply brush it off.


    Or if you're brave enough to try to wash it, about about this: 

    * You can wash most stuffed animals in your washing machine,
    however this should be used as a last resort. Before doing
    this, make sure that there are no loose seams
    where the stuffing can float out.

    Put the stuffed animal in a pillowcase and close with a
    safety pin or two. Then wash as you would any delicate

    Fabric softener can be added to bring out a fluffy
    and softer stuffed animal.

    Bleeding can occur from other clothes in the washing
    machine, so be careful what you wash the animal with.
    Bleeding can also happen from the fur onto the animals
    clothes. If this is a possibility, then remove clothing
    from the animal before washing.


    And finally -- you could always buy a new sock monkey on etsy for your Dh. lol

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