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Communication Styles with Friends

I am one of those people easily annoyed by Facebook.  I had about 200 friends, and was getting so irritated with all the political posts, medical posts, and just plain rude posts.  For example a friend would mention getting together, but then say it is not for sure, and then post all the other fun stuff she did instead.  I also had friends that no longer wanted to communicate by any other way but Facebook but also posts all the pictures of them being with all their other friends after she dumped me as a IRL friend.  So I deleted my account, and created a new one with about 15 friends.  I deleted the friend that was had dumped me as a IRL friend, and apparently she had issue with being deleted. I just didn't understand why if she no longer wants to talk via e-mail or phone, why would she care about FB?

I was recently telling another friend that I prefer e-mail to Facebook because it is personal messages instead of on a Wall in front of everyone, and she said that was so "last decade".  So I guess I am wondering has the world moved on without me?  I am not going to change my Facebook preferences, but am I in the minority here?  Do other people not want to talk to "friends" except on their FB wall?

I also feel similar about texting.  I do text one friend, the babysitter, and DH, but only short conversations.  If it is going to be a long conversation, I prefer a phone call.  I hate spending 20 minutes texting in what could be a 5 minute phone conversation.  Its just annoying to me.  Again, is the rest of the world moving on from phone conversations, and only text or talk on Facebook wall? Is the phone and e-mail completely not used anymore?  I only talk to family and one friend on the phone anymore. 

I just feel like since texting and FB my friendships have suffered, not because I wasn't participating, but because the quality of the interaction has greatly decreased.  Anyone else feel the same?  Anyway to make new friends without having that we must be FB friends expectation? 


Re: Communication Styles with Friends

  • I personally detest texts. I am proud to say I have never sent one, nor received one.

    I too prefer a phone call or an email.

    What I think is happening because of all these electronic wonders: we are losing the human touch.  There is nothing like hearing a voice or meeting in person or heck, even getting a letter or a card with a nice note inside if it's your birthday, an anniversary or a card just to say hi.

  • Just sounds like you have very young unprofessional friends who don't work "real jobs"  Everything you've just listed as an issue shows maturity issues.  If any of those people worked in an office or professionally that, "so last decade" comment would have been mentioned.  
  • I had facebook for about 6 months after my wedding because everyone wanted to see the pictures and had been bugging me about getting an account. I did not care for it. I had friends and family I hadn't spoken to in years suddenly contacting me with comments of me FINALLY getting on facebook. Ummm...I've had the same phone number and email address FOREVER. If they really wanted to get ahold of me, they could have. I too felt like I was being punished for not communicating via facebook, but now that I was on it, I was worthy of being kept in the loop. I ended up deleting my account. I think it's great for alot of people to keep in touch with family in other locations and things like that, but if I had a dollar for every story of an argument I've heard that starts with "so, I saw on facebook..."

    And all those people who had just missed me soooo much and couldn't wait to get together soon? Not a peep from any of them. 

  • Unfortunately, these are the times we live in. I have similar issues with some friendships, but there are some others (with people I'm not very close with) that I like facebook as a tool to stay in the loop.

    I think communication is getting worse, but I hope it's a fad.

  • I found an email address of an old friend scribbled on some paperwork I was going through a while ago.  I sent an email to it asking if it was still her.

     She wrote back, "I'm too busy to email, but friend me if you're on Facebook."


  • I hate Facebook.  I didn't log on for 6 months and everything completely changed. I had 40-something zombie game requests(?) and I couldn't recognize half of my "friends".  I am in the process of gathering real information from people I still talk to in person, and then I am deleting my account. 

    I completely agree with you about the "quality of interaction" declining.  So true! 

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