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Kitty needs help adjusting to 'new' dog

I have two cats and a dog and recently bought a new house.  Sebastian, my dog, LOVES having his own yard and the kitties love all of the windows to sit in and lots of places to nap.  About a month or so ago, my boyfriend and his dog, Mojo, moved in with us.  Mojo is 9 years old and has not spent much time around cats, so he is naturally curious  but have never been aggressive towards the cats.

Kitty #1, Zoe, and Mojo have an understanding that she will swat him in the face if he gets too close and they now co-exist peacefully.

 Kitty #2, Elliot, has not had such luck.  He is definitely more skittish than Zoe, but he FREAKS out whenever Mojo gets near.  We introduced Mojo to the space slowly, made them familiar with each others' scents, everything I did when I introduced the Sebastian to the cats.  But Elliot refuses to come downstairs and now has started peeing randomly around the house.  He is obviously distressed, but I am not sure what else to do for him.

 I asked my vet and she said that sometimes it just takes more time.  I have been giving Elliot one on one attention but I hate that he feels he can't come downstairs.  Any suggestions? 

Re: Kitty needs help adjusting to 'new' dog

  • I just posted a question along the same lines..but I can tell you that when my DH and I put our households together it did take time. I had two cats, he had one dog. I'd say it probably took them a year to feel comfortable around each other. One was always better with the dogs than the other. Adding a 2nd dog now has lead us to have serious issues with the more timid, I feel your pain :( Ours never had any issues with their litterbox habits, I can't help you a lot there. 
    funny gifs Anniversary
  • Read SallySparrow's response in the post above.  I think this definately applies to your situation as well.
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