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Finding a home Help!

I am going to try to keep this short ... My DH found a dog wandering in the road, he (the dog) was almost hit by a car and it was raining so DH brought him home and have kept him for about a week and a half now, his current name is Colt. 

I had him scanned for a microchip, posted a found dog add on CL, posted signs near where he was found, and in all the animal related places around town.  We live just outside of a rural town and I have had multiple people tell me they think he was dumped because they had seen him before and to just keep him.  At this point I am convinced he was dumped because he is potty trained, knew how to sit, and has most basic manners.

Here is the problem, we can't keep him.  We already have 3 dogs ranging in size from 60 lbs - 100lbs.  This guy is 65lbs and according to the vet less than a yr old.  Even if I could handle caring for 4 big dogs my wallet can't.

I have been asking friends if they know anyone who would be able to take him, and the Mother of one of my good friends is really interested.  She is a really good lady and I know that she is good to animals.  Problem, she has a cat and I have no clue if this guy is good with cats.  I also don't know anyone around me who has a cat well enough to "test him out".  The only option I can think of is the vet.  They have an office cat who was around the day I took him in.  Colt barked and acted upset but I feel like that was mostly because he didn't know what that was and he was being poked at the same time.

All that to ask, how do I find out if a dog is good with cats?  And does anyone have tips on finding a home for a dog?

 I really wish we could keep him, I have a "courtesy posting" add right now on the website for the rescue we fostered with.  When I saw it on the website I got a knot in my stomach.  I don't know how I am going to let a stranger take him :(



Colt the day he came to our house


Re: Finding a home Help!

  • omg, he is adorable!!

    Does the rescue group who courtesy listed him also handle cats? Could you test him with one of their cats? Can you test him with the adopter's cat? If her cat isn't dog savvy that might be a bad idea.

    Also, just from experience, I've taken in foster dogs who were supposedly "cat tested" and they still ended up trying to eat my cats--so even if her cat isn't used to dogs, maybe getting him into that environment and used to it, and then introducing the cat slowly would be something to try. With a lot of supervision, obviously. :)

    Thanks for helping this pup--hope he's in his forever home soon!
    BabyFruit Ticker
  • Yeah I thought about trying him out with her cat, but the only issue with that is she lives back near my parents (about 4 hrs away)  I am going back there in 2 weekends, but then I could loose 2 weeks of trying to find him a home if it doesn't work.  I still might ask her if she would be willing to try that.  If we do, do I keep him leashed in the same room as the cat?

  • I would. You'll know if he wants to go after the cat, and if he's leashed you can control him. If they like him and he stays there, I'd tell them to separate them when they can't be supervised, at least for the first little while, just to make sure. Usually I know within the first half hour if a foster is going to be "cat-friendly" or not. Although, even if I think they are, I still separate them from the cats when I'm not around just to be safe.  

    BabyFruit Ticker
  • What a beautiful dog.

    He's possibly a Rhodesian Ridgeback mixed with some sort of terrier or shepard.

    It would not hurt to have Colt be a houseguest there for a week or so -- see how he gets along with cats over an extended length of time.

    Remember: 2 animals of any kind need time to get used to each other.  Let her more or less "foster" him and see, for a week -- also, if he is crate trained, great too.
  • Thanks!  He is a good looking boy :D

    I never thought about Rhodesian Ridgeback ... I can definitely see that in his face though.

    I have a friend  who is going to let me "test him" with her cat and I will talk to the prospective new owner again and make sure that she gets that even if he doesn't bother this cat he will still need to get used to hers. 

    You guys are always the best and so helpful!

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