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Fence aggression & charging

My neighborhood is plagued with fence-aggressive dogs. The kind that run along next to me growling, snarling and foaming at the mouth. It's terrifying. There's no way those fences would actually keep the dogs in. I love dogs, have one of my own, and our evening walks can be hellish because of it. Some dogs actually jump up and hang over the fences, snapping and snarling. It's getting harder and harder to find a safe walk route. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? Other than move, which is not an option right now. Do those ultrasonic bark stoppers work? I called animal control, and they said as long as the dog doesn't leave the property they aren't doing anything wrong.

Re: Fence aggression & charging

  • Do you react? A lot of dogs react to a person's fear. My dog does. He charges at someone as they walk through the door or yard and barks loudly at them. If they stand their ground he starts to wiggle and wants to be pet. If they show fear then he keeps barking. My friends know he would never bite but sometimes they still get scared of him. Unfortunately it has to do with training yourself to not react to the dog's aggressiveness. Ignore them, do not make eye contact, calmly walk your dog by them and show your dog that there is nothing wrong. Praise your dog after you have walked by a loud dog, treat your dog if he/she did especially well.


    If you still think the dogs in the neighborhood are too aggressive, find a bike path to walk on. Good luck!

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  • Aside from speaking directly with the neighbors, walking at different times, or finding a new route to walk...I'm not sure what else you can do. 

    I carry a spray I bought on amazon called "Halt!". If you're attacked by a dog, you can spray it in the dogs face as a repellent. I'm not sure if it works as I'd never had to use it. However, I walk two big dogs and often encounter stray dogs on our walks. I have one dog aggressive/reactive dog, and I'm sure before I knew it a large dog fight could break out. I carry the "Halt" as some piece of mind just in case. I also always have my cell phone on me as well, and my husband knows exactly where I'll be walking and when I should be home (or check in with him if he's not home). 

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