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How many swaddle blankets/ sleep sacks?

Here is what my sister gave me as hand me downs (she rocks!):

- 1 miracle blanket
- 1 swaddleme blanket - couldn't find a size on it - but it looked smallish
- 1 Carter's long sleep fleece sleep sack - one size
- 1 Gerber sleep sack 0-6 months
- 2 Halo sleep sacks - 0-6 months
- 2 Halo sleep sacks - 6- 12 months

I also have some Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets. I feel like I have plenty of sleep sacks but should I get another swaddle me? Or some other kind of swaddle blanket that makes swaddling easy?

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Re: How many swaddle blankets/ sleep sacks?

  • We have 4 Swaddlemes and it almost isn't enough. Z escapes from any other blanket we try to swaddle him in. He has to be swaddled for every nap and bedtime or his arms flail around and smack him and he wakes up. So we have 2 Swaddlemes that stay in our room where he sleeps at night and one that we keep near the crib where he sleeps for naps and one spare for when the others are dirty.
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  • We have two swaddlemes, and I want more. Maybe 4 total. We haven't used a sleepsack yet, so I'm not sure about those.
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  • We just ordered a 3 pack because Sera is also breaking out of every swaddle we try. If they work, we will absolutely get more! Everyone I spoke to swears by them, and they're cheaper than others. I have 1 halo sleep sack and 1 miracle blanket that she isn't big enough for yet. I didn't want to load up on any since we couldn't predict what she'd like. 
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  • We had 4 or 5 swaddle me's and halo sleep sack swaddles and probably the same amount of sleep sacks. We could have gotten more of both. Is it cold where you live? DD was born in November and it's cold here. The A&A blankets are too thin to have been warm enough. We really liked the halo sleep sacks with built in swaddle. The swaddle me's were nice but the cotton ones do stretch out over time. We were not miracle blanket fans.

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  • DS broke out of everything!

    We had the best luck with Halo swaddles.  We had one NB and 2 small.  I will probably pick up another NB size when we are ready for baby #2.  Unless it was soaked in spit up or pee, I didn't change him out of it every time he spit up.  When he outgrew the Halos, we used the Woombie.

    Now, we are using the Carter's sleep sacks, but he is almost outgrowing them lengthwise, so we'll probably just put him in footed sleepers. 

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  • We only use Miracle Blankets at this point, as P can break out of any other swaddle blanket. We have 2 of those and honestly, I wouldn't mind having a 3rd, but we are going to be transitioning out of swaddling this month, so I don't think it's worth it have another one now. We use a SwaddleMe at daycare, but that just stays there, so we just have 1 and they send it home for me to wash as needed.

    Once we're done with swaddling, we have 3-4 Sleep Sacks waiting to be used - 2 size small and 2 size medium. 

  • Good selection.  I would wait to get more until you see what works for the baby.  We really like the Halo swaddlers.  We had 3, but one is now at daycare.  We are fine with 2, but 3 is a safe number.  Like Kaine, we do not change or wash every time they are spit up on.  If that was the case we would need TONS ;)
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  • Once we are done swaddling we will still use sleep sacks since it gets cold here during our MN winters!
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  • With that selection I wouldn't buy anything else until I see what our favorite product is.

    We have two SwaddleMe's and they are amazing, but two has been plenty. I could see myself maybe picking up a 3rd but we don't 'need' it.


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  • You sound pretty good to go with stuff! We have three swaddle mes and so far that's good. I want to pick up a few of the A & A muslin swaddle blankets. All we have are receiving blankets and the're way too small to do a good swaddle for us.
  • I have 2 swaddleMe sacks, 2 halo sleepsacks and 4 swaddle blankets. The swaddle blankets were good for the first 2 weeks and then we switched to the pouch sacks for swaddling. We switched to the Halo when my son got too big for the SwaddleMes.
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