Same-Sex Households
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Interesting isn't it?

That there are all those other topics on that side bar there and one little space for same-sex households. I don't know about the rest of you, but my concerns are pretty much the same as other folks--- buying a house, being married etc. I don't know that I can't speak to people who are straight about those things!


I appreciate the attempt to create space for Queer folks, but.... it's one of those things that gets a little weird, no? 

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Re: Interesting isn't it?

  • I always say that! I started the nest married to a man and now I am with a woman....


    I have all the same questions! hahaha

  • It is interesting. I just got married 8/11/12 and I feel like I have much more interest in the other topics, but I'm sure if this section wasn't here they would have a lot of grief from some. 
  • im newly married and i think your right its ridiculous that we all cant have the same questions for each other the segregation is not needed... we all move in together.. have sex and start a family... what the heck is the difference!
  • Just married 10/20/12...I wonder why someone with a working knowledge of web design has not come up with a site gender specific for people like us.  Also, wedding magazines for the LGBT community!
  • I don't know, of course we all have the same issues but I think it's kind of nice to link up with other gay parents. I want my daughter to know there are other families out there like ours!
  • I wish there were more gender inclusive images on the site. Sometimes it doesn't feel like I am wanted/welcomed here when the only images of couples that they have all over the site are of heterosexual couples.
  • I don't like the segregation either, but I can kind of understand why the admins might have created it.

    On one hand some might be uncomfortable with others posting LGBT related threads in the forums, yet on the other hand some LGBT persons might get offended that they don't have their own forum.
    It's kind of darned if you do, darned if you don't. So I understand, and it doesn't offend me. But if I have a question that is related to the forum's topic you can bet I'll post there.

  • I am a bisexual person in a hetero relationship, but I don't see the need to segregate I would still use the other forums even if I were with a woman. It isn't right you should feel you can only use this one I honestly don't think this was put on here to say it's the only one you can use but to simply ask questions to issues that aren't issues in hetero relationships. If someone says anything it's their problem not yours. Don't feel you have to stay hidden. You have just as much of a right to use any forum as anyone.

    **and by issues that aren't in hetero relationships I mean problems with legality in states and all that. I don't think of it as different though. I am not trying to segregate your issues. Really the only one is the ridiculous laws with gay marriage. I mean most people want the same thing to get married and have a family gender has nothing to do with properly raising a family or how a marriage works. It's all to do with the couple.

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  • Newly married here too December 14th, 2012. My wife and I have the same issues as heterosexual couples lol. Thanks for this thread... 
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  • Yeah I made a post and mentioned that my fiance is FTM and someone told me we need counseling. I think I'll read the articles from now on haha
  • My guy is FTM as well, but our dynamic is extremely different from most heterosexual couples. My stepdad is FTM also, and I think it's kind of nice to have a place where LGBT couples can talk about issues that only relate to our relationships like legality, being out at work or in public, or kids and adoption. Biology takes over for a lot of heterosexual relationships, but I don't think people realize the struggle there is with hormones and transitioning and wrestling with the state for adoption, especially here in Texas. I write in the other forums too, but I think this one is still very important.
  • I think there is nothing wrong about same sex marriage or other issues related to same sex, we all have a freedom to chose what we wanted. Same sex marriage is a matter of the states, and the unions stay unrecognized on a federal level. This means that, although gay couples may derive some marriage-related tax breaks on the state level, they will not on the subject of their federal income tax. However, the "second parent adoption credit" actually gives an advantage to gay married couples over heterosexual ones.
  • I think having your own space is nice. Sure LGBT couples face the same issues as straight couples, but not always in the same way. Regardless, it's nice to connect with people who you know won't judge your relationship.
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