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True Life: I'm Having Fertility Issues (MTV "casting call")

Shady Grove Fertility Center recently posted this on their Facebook page.

"MTV is looking for a couple ages 18-29 that are currently experiencing infertility to be featured on a upcoming episode of True Life: I have Infertility. If this sounds like you send your story directly to MTV at and let us know once you have applied."


ETA: This is from MTV:


Have you always wanted to have a baby and are finding out that getting pregnant isn't as easy as it seems? Have you been trying for months -- or even years -- to get pregnant without success? Have you or your partner been diagnosed with a condition that makes it difficult to conceive naturally and plan to seek help from a fertility clinic? Are you so consumed with having a baby that you'll stop at nothing to have your own? If so, is your partner right there with you? Or is he or she reluctant to spend the money and energy it would take to conceive through high tech means? Are your fertility issues causing problems with your relationship? Has trying to have a baby left you emotionally, physically, and financially drained? Do you have a pre-existing health condition where being pregnant could be dangerous for you and your baby, but you're determined to beat the odds? 

If you appear to be the ages of 18-29 and you've been struggling with fertility issues, please email us at Please include your name, story, location, PHONE NUMBER, and photograph if possible. Please remember to include your PHONE NUMBER... "

Waiting on our own little Squishy since May 2011
dx:  Unexplained IF (mild MFI)

 1 year trying, and then 3 TI, 2 IUI = BFN

IVF #1 (May 2013):  Antagonist Protocol: 
24R, 18M, 15F w/ICSI; 5dt of 2 early blasts, no frosties = BFN
IVF #2 (August 2013):  Lupron Stop Protocol: 
28R, 23M, 15F w/ICSI; 5dt of 1 partially hatched blast, 7 frosties = BFP
EDD 5/23/14, blighted ovum (6w6d), D&C (8w6d)
FET #1 (April 2014):  transferred 2 5d blasts = BFP
EDD 01/01/15

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Re: True Life: I'm Having Fertility Issues (MTV "casting call")

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