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Teen Mom: Series Finale Spoilers 8/28

Oh my my!! Is it just me or is anyone else wondering why is Amber dating? The girl has serious problems and I don't think she should be in any type of relationship, etc. She was very kissy faced with that guy in the restaurant...She really needs to clip her fake nails and those huge eyelashes, ick!! I wonder if her date knows who she really is meaning the type of person she is, etc....

Re: Teen Mom: Series Finale Spoilers 8/28

  • He probably does know, and just doesn't care or he wants to be on the show.

    I'm so sick of Maci.  She comes off to people as a sweet good mommy, but in reality she plays these stupid mind/manipulative games with Ryan (and with Kyle) by using Bentley to get her way.  She's such a child.

    A website did an article on Teen Mom recently, did you know these kids get paid 150,000 a year?!!?  well now, of course they don't, but they did.

    Farrah, wow.  She's a a piece of work...

    Tyler & Catlyin seem to have a good head on their shoulders, but based on how Tyler talking about Catlyin in recent weeks, I'm not sure if he is really in it for the long haul with her anymore. 



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  • The guy Amber is dating has to know who she is.  She has been all over the news and gossip magazines.  He either wanted to get on TV, or is doing some bet with his buddies.

    Maci needs to stop using Bentley to get her way.  I can't recall if she was like this previous seasons, but this season she has been such a child about everything!  I think she was more mature on 16 and Pregnant.

    Tyler checked out of that relationship a long time ago.  His dad might be part of his behavior, but I think alot has to do with the fact he's just not happy.  He's a kid, he prob. wants to go out and enjoy his life.

    I thought it was funny how Farrah got called a 'cry baby' by her 3 year old. (I think she's 3?)  Wonder where she got that one from, grandma?

    What will the girls do now to get an income?  They can't get jobs that pay $150,000 or even close to it.  They all have brand new cars they drive around.  Hope they were smart and saved some of that money.

  • I'm sick of Maci as well.  She needs to stop acting so childish.  I hope Tyler & Caitlyn are in it for the long run.  Amber's new BF has to know, if he doesn't, he must live under a rock. Big Smile

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  • Hopefully now that the show is over, these gals will get real jobs. Farrah seems to be the only one with a degree so I am sure she will get a job. I think that Tyler and Catelynn both have jobs as well. Amber well er, she is locked up for five years now so she won't need a job. Will her cut of the show go to Gary for Leah? Maci should get a job and just continue schooling.

     Tyler and Catelynn seemed to have matured but last night he had a horrible potty mouth..Yikes...That was not a good influence on Cate's brother, Nick...

    Hopefully Maci and Ryan can come to an understanding on him having half custody as well. I don't understand why he can't have Bentley for a week and then Maci...I don't think he should be moving in with Dalis..She said "Oh we love each other" when Ryan's dad asked about them moving in together..Oh goodness..She just seems like a toy to Ryan and then he will move on to the next gal...From next week's follow up with Dr. Drew, it looks like Maci and Kyle are no longer together. She said he cheated on her?

    I am glad Gary saw what he was doing to Amber and to not use Leah as a bargaining chip. Now that she is in prison, hopefully Leah can have some stability and a normal life for a bit anyways. I don't know what will happen when she gets out of the slammer though..

  • I'm kind of surprised they ended the show so abruptly it seems. Usually they don't end it until they've gone through each of the babies' birthdays, but this time they stopped it at Leah. I'm assuming something more severe happened with Amber and they just had to call it quits rather than cut her from the show?

    Speaking of Amber, I actually felt bad for her. Gary was being pretty brutal by witholding Leah and I can only imagine that the lack of support she has experienced was detrimental to her treatment and lack of recovery. She has no one, except boyfriends who probably only want to be on TV, a random new friend that just appeared this season, and that cousin who is busy enough with a kid and another on the way.

    Maci has been bugging me to no end this season. I feel like all she does is complain about nothing. Not sad to see her go.

    Farrah has always and will forever bother me. I can't even take her the tiniest bit seriously now that I know she's releasing a book and an album. Just pathetic. It was amazing to actually see some humanity when she cried at the airport seeing Sophia again. I too am assuming Grandma has had something to do with calling mommy a "crybaby" lol. Real nice, Grandma.

    As for Catelynn and Tyler, I don't necessarily agree that he's checked out. I think the therapy session he had and the letter he wrote was very telling in explaining his issues with anger and his outbursts. Those poor kids have had horrible upbringings and being a little older and able to fully comprehend that your dad is a piece is heartbreaking and stress-inducing I'm sure. I'm not surprised that he ended up lashing out a bit more easily. I hope those two continue on a positive road together. It's amazing how far they've come.

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  • I have always thought Gary was emotionally abusive toward Amber and I am glad the cameras exposed that last night. I felt terrible for her and I'm no fan of Amber. Gary may seem to provide stability for Leah (and he definitely does more so than Amber) but in another 10 or 15 years, he'll be pulling that same sh!t with Leah.

    I don't know what was up with Tyler last night. I felt bad for that poor dog. I can definitely sense that Tyler has been done with Cate for a long time, but can't bring himself to leave her. Hell, I don't know that I blame him, honestly. 

    I love how Farrah covers her cry face now. LOL. 


  • Can we talk about how Ryan's dad was dressed like Freddy Krueger when he was tending to the fire??
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