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Ok, I'm nosy and curious at the same time...

"my H is playing at a strip club tomorrow so that's where me and apparently all my friends will be"

Not that I have been to many strip clubs, but I didn't know they had concert spaces in them.  Is this a regular gig for them?  Where exactly do they play? Is is during the dancing? 

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Re: VJCJenn

  • It's all new to me so I can report back...I've only ever been to Kaos which is all pasties/thong , this is the Gentleman's Gold Club which I think it full nudity. This is their first time playing there and I think they're agent booked it? I figure my eyes are about 3 feet away from my own girly parts, I hope theirs don't get any closer.

    So all I know is they do have a seperate adjacent stage for the band. It is a full gig 9:30 to 1:30 and they had to hire a sound guy. The girls will come out and dance to their music. They weren't told specific songs they had to play (so it's not like they have to play this song for Candy and that song for April)...the girls are just supposed to dance to whatever...but all the songs have to be 4 minutes pretty much exactly so one girl doesn't get longer then another girl.

    So the really strange thing is...we have friends that have NEVER seen my husband play, not even when they play Festivals and daytime gigs (like honfest, perry hall fest, parkville town fair) where it's family friendly and they could bring kids/not worry about babysitters or even paying a cover. Some people have never made it out to those yet somehow...EVERYONE is coming to this gig...I mean everyone, it's crazy. I think it was straight up word of mouth like "OMG, are you going, I'll go if you go". Hence the reason I'm going?

    Should we do a nestie GTG?

  • So how did it go?  
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  • What a trip!

    So it was fun. In general, I'm far more okay with strip clubs now that I've been. Some kid got the hot seat treatment on stage for his 21st birthday and I have to say, if that was my husband in the hot seat, nothing happened that would make me upset.

    The band did great. They would play a song, then a emcee would do the talking in between announcing which girl was coming to the stage. My husband, with his strep throat, some how made it through the night and actually sounded really good, which was a relief considering how sick he is. Having the emcee do all the in between songs banter was helpful. The dancers, really didn't do much dancing...the band could have been playing the best song in the world, a song that always gets you moving, and they were still doing this barely moving routine that never corresponded to the beat of the music. One girl did a ton of pole climbing and another girl always looked like she was having fun and seemed to actually all of us girls showed the love to them.

    2 girls took a shower on stage...very weird.

    Other then me and my friends, there were actually a ton of females there

    All in all, I would be happy if my husband's band got to play there again, especially when he's feeling well 


  • I didn't :( but the drummer and guitarist did :)
  • image vjcjenn1:
    I didn't :( but the drummer and guitarist did :)

    no trip to the gold club is complete without a pit stop at chaps! 

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