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Honest Company Product Reviews

Okay so I've used quite a few of their products and thought I'd share my findings. 


Face & Body Lotion: It took me awhile to get used to the smell even though it's technically fragrance free.  It makes my hands very soft and enjoy it. It's a keeper product. 

Healing Balm:  Works great on my daughter's bum. She has sensitive skin and randomly gets diaper rashes. I've used it on my hands and other random areas and it works well. It's a keeper.

 Laundry Detergent: TBD If you don't have a lot of stains, it works well. As a mom, I evaluate a laundry product by "did it get out the spaghetti stains?" This does not. I'm trying the stain remover and oxyboost next month, so maybe that'll help. If not, I would not recommend it.

Dish Soap: Love the smell and seems to work very well. I haven't noticed any difference in effectiveness between it and other "typical, non-green" brands. It's a keeper.

 Dishwasher Liquid: This stuff doesn't work very well for me. I'm not a rinse and scraper of food off the plates type person. I get large pieces off and throw the plate in the machine. I'd rather not waste my time and water on cleaning the plate when that's the job of the energy efficient dishwasher. Now when I do this, the plates have food stuck on them and are still dirty. The items that were naturally cleaner (pretty clean to begin with) did come out clean. In the products defense it does say in the directions that you have to prewash the plates prior to machine washing them. When you have a 1 and 3 year old, I just don't have the time for that kind of effort. It really depends on your priorities whether to try it. It's not a keeper for me. 

 Dishwasher Pods: Trying this next month

 Rinse Aid: Works well. It's a keeper. 

Shampoo & Body Wash: I use this on my kids. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell. The kids don't seem to be bothered by it either. it's a keeper.

 Conditioning Mist: I use this on the kids after their bath. They both have kind of thick wirey hair. This product makes their hair nice and soft. It has the same smell as the shampoo, so I love it. It's a keeper.

 Bug Spray: My kids are super sensitive to bug bites. I literally watched a mosquito fly up to my daughter and passed after coming too close. It works! It does have a strong smell that you'll have to get used to, but if you've used California Kids Bug Spray you'll be familiar with it. It's a keeper for me though.

Hand soap: Great smell. If you wash your hands once or twice, it doesn't dry them out. But I still put the hand lotion on afterwards because I hate even the thought of dry hands.

Multi-surface Cleaning Spray: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. This stuff gets everything off. I spray it on and leave it set for 20 seconds and food just wipes right off. I am obsessed with this stuff.

 Diapers: I love them. They are so cute and we never have leaks. Keepers.

Wipes: They are better than any other natural wipe I've tried. Keepers.

Swim Diaper: Love it. So cute.

Sunscreen, Bubble Bath, Hand sanitizer, Dishwasher pods, stain remover, oxyboost will be tried next month.  


If you have any questions, let me know!  

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Re: Honest Company Product Reviews

  • I have tried these products too (except the baby stuff) and totally agree on the DW liquid, I ran my DW twice and still had to go back to the Cascade to get clean dishes.  The laundry detergent is not a good stain fighter, but my workout clothes smell nice and  clean when they come out.  I love the multi-surface as well, I use it on everything!

    I like the sunscreen, but beware how much you use, because it leaves a white residue.  I used it during my entire vacation, never burned and it did not irritate my sensitive skin.




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  • thanks so much for your detailed sharing
    A girl can never have too many shoes
  • HONEST AND COMPANY RINSE AID HAS METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE IN IT....Researchers are now finding that the active ingredient in antimicrobial soaps and personal care products causes nerve damage. This really isn't surprising: I've been warning readers about this for years. The ingredient is called MIT (methylisothiazolinone), and it is found in antimicrobial soaps, hand soaps, dish soaps and a surprising number of personal care products. People buy these personal care products thinking they're protecting themselves from infectious microbes. They think it makes them immune to viruses and bacteria that might be found in their bathrooms or kitchens, and thus they believe in the mythology of using antimicrobial soaps to create a sterile environment in their own homes.

    This mythology has been promoted by the manufacturers of these products who, through clever advertising, propagate the distortion that bacteria on the kitchen counter and in the bathroom are responsible for making people sick. But the reality is that we don't live in a sterile environment anyway: the only thing that prevents you from getting sick is a healthy immune system. We are exposed to bacteria and viruses literally hundreds of thousands of times each day. It is our immune system that takes care of these threats and keeps us safe, not antimicrobial soap.

    But many consumers don't understand this. They think that they can make their homes spotless; that they can create a level-4 biohazard clean room in their kitchen by using this antimicrobial soap, and that this will somehow protect them from getting sick. But the reality is that they're giving themselves nervous system disorders while actually promoting the breeding of resistant strains of bacteria. And thanks to the nervous system damage caused by these antimicrobial ingredients, people are probably accelerating Alzheimer's disease by using these products. No doubt, they are impacting the learning ability of their children by poisoning their nervous systems, too.

    It turns out that this active ingredient is chemically similar to Agent Orange. That's right, this was the Weapon of Mass Destruction used in Vietnam. And while it's not accurate to say that there's Agent Orange in your antimicrobial soap, there is indeed achemical compound that's similar in its function, purpose, and molecular structure. Is this something that you want to be coating your dishes with? How insane is that?

    Yet it's precisely what millions of Americans are doing each and every day that they use these products. They are literally placing a thin film of nerve agent chemicals on their dishes, and then drinking and eating from those dishes. Here, Johnny, be sure to clean up your plate! We washed 'em in something special: nerve toxins!

    Learn more:
  • Interesting! I've wondered about this company and whether it lives up to the hype. I really want to try and start using more 'green' products at home so might give some of these a go. Thanks FireInMyHeart615 :)
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