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XP: Silhouette Cameo

Anyone have one?

I'm thinking about biting the bullet and splurging on one for all the paper crafting I want to do for M's birthday.  I also *think* I would use it for other things.  I can get a 20% educators discount.  

If you have one do you like it?  Is it worth it?  Or is the Cricut a better option? 

Re: XP: Silhouette Cameo

  • As a Cricut owner- I firmly recommend against them. Go with the Cameo- great crafting toy, and you won't be locked into cheesy images on expensive cartridges, crappy malfunctioning machines, or an evil company. :)
  • Agreed, I've had both and the Cameo is 100x better than the Cricut. I love paying .99 for the designs I want and using every font on my computer for free. I absolutely love it & it was well worth the investment. I stay away from Provo Craft in general now. I hate their vinyl.

  • So far I really like my Sihouette, I'm looking forward to some downtime this winter to play with it more. 
  • I have the Cameo and love it so much! If you sign up to get e-mails from they regularly have coupon codes for anywhere between 15-30% off any order, which does include the Cameo.

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  • image caseyandlizzie:
    I have the Cameo and love it so much! If you sign up to get e-mails from they regularly have coupon codes for anywhere between 15-30% off any order, which does include the Cameo.

    Thanks!  They have 25% off right now making it only $202!  Unfortunately I live in Canada and shipping to here is $95. 

  • I have the silhouette Cameo and I love it. It does everything and I love that I can do so much custom work. The one thing I don't love is that the only store I found to carry any Silhouette products is Hobby Lobby and their selection is limited so you have to order online.
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  • I had a cricut for several years I was pleased with it until I seen the cameo in action. Then I was totally in love with the cameo and had to have one. I got one 6 months ago and could not be happier. 
  • I love my Cameo, though I've never used a Cricut.  The selling points for me were being able to "trace" any image, use my existing fonts, and buy single images for $0.99 instead of a whole cartridge.  Also, you can buy the images instantly, rather than having to drive to the store or order the cartridge and wait for it to come.  For someone who frequently gets the crafting bug at 10pm at night, this was a big selling point :)  I used mine a ton for wedding stuff, and then also for Christmas tags, greeting cards, vinyl projects, a rhinestone shirt template for my flower girl, lots of stuff.  I got mine as a package on Amazon with some extra tools for about $ shipping.
  • I love my Cameo too! I use Cricut mats though since they are easier to find at local craft stores. 
  • I have had the Cricut for a number of years and just got a cameo about a year ago. I absolutely love the cameo. I have use it to cut paper, vinyl, heat transfer vinyl and fabric. I highly recommended getting it.   
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Silhouette Cameo! I used it to make a bunch of amazing paper crafts related to my wedding. It does take some time to work out the quirks of how things work, but I love the freedom of being able to create whatever I please! So many people were impressed by the paper crafts at my wedding, that I've since done a bunch of creative things for 3 more weddings! I believe they're having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale this weekend so it may be a good time to make the purchase! :) Good Luck and Have fun!
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