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Large closet organization

I am moving into my new home here shortly, and after having a tiny closet for a very long time, I will have a large closet with lots of sections/storage (yay!).  My question is, how to organize my hanging clothes.  Looking for what works for people on here, since I have no idea what my preference would be!  Do you org. by color?  Season? Long sleeves v. short sleeves?  Maybe when I get in there it will make more sense to me, but if anyone has advice I would appreciate it...

Re: Large closet organization

  • It's pretty much whatever you want. I put my suits and long dressed on the far left, then follow by skirts, pants, dress shirts, and casual shirts. My husband organizes his by sleeve length and color. It's very individual. You may also find that you will change the way it's organized based on how your needs change. My husband and I change up our closets about twice a year, based on what life events we have coming up, the seasons, and purging.
  • My closet largely holds items that need to be pressed - although I iron them before I put them in there.  Almost all of my pants, except sweats and shorts, are hanging and organized by type - so dress pants are all together, jeans together etc.  Then I have all my shirts that need to be pressed (button ups, blouses, sweaters, anything that would need to be wrinkle-free) just organized by color.  A lot of my plainer tees are folded and in my dresser. 


    I also have my shoes in plastic storage containers in my closet - organized by type (flat, dressy, sandals, etc.) and my jewelry in my closet.  I also have a little storage for misc like purses and whatnot.   

  • I sort mine by occasion/formality.  We have a front and back section in our closet, so in the back (where it's not as easy to access) we have my husband's suits and my formal dresses.  Then in the front portion (which is much larger) we have stuff organized by group.  Ex. on my DH's side, t-shirts, then golf shirts, then button down short sleeve, then button down long sleeve, then dress plants.  On my side sleeveless shirts, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, dress shirts, dress pants, dresses.
  • I do dresses, dress pants, jeans, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts. Within those categories, everything is organized by color as well.
  • I hang up most of my tops (I would hang up more but my closet has terrible organization). It will all really depend on how well your clothes fit into the closet. I organize by color, and leave all seasons together. If you change things by season you will be constantly reorganizing. Plus, in the winter I tend to wear items I would wear in the summer. I only don't use a chunk of my closet for three months in the summer, otherwise everything gets worn frequently.
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