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Kitten suckling

We got a kitten from friends who had strays in their backyard. She figured they where around 6-8 weeks when we got them & where already on solid food. She had been feeding the mother and the kittens started eating the food. The mom had disapeared so we figured they where good to leave the "nest". Well 4 weeks later he has reverted back to suckling/nursing on any part of our skin he can get ahold of. 

Any ideas why? Any ideas if we can do something so he's not sucking & kneading us?  

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Re: Kitten suckling

  • Have you had him to a vet yet to determine his actual age?

    As far as the suckling, it's just a gesture of affection. In my experience kittens who lose their mothers young tend to adopt humans as their new 'mother' and can display some ultra-affectionate behaviors that other cats wouldn't. I've had one such cat that did the suckling thing her entire life and another one now that is seriously the neediest cat ever, he attaches to you the minute you get home and would be perfectly happy to ride around on your shoulder all day.

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  • Yes we brought him to the vet about 4 days after getting him. Someone said to wait a few days to get to know him & see if we had any questions about him. Anyway they aged him at 8 weeks & that was 5 weeks ago. 

    He didn't start it till just last week. I guess he feels comfortable enough now to do it?

    It's cute & we don't mind it. Just that when you are trying to sleep and he starts in on you it's bothersome. We just put him outside the rooms at that point. I just feel bad & would love to be able to give him something like a binky for a baby. lol 

    I'm really MegGary but TB won't let me log in as that so I made this new SN
  • I've had cats who were never really weaned appropriately (stray kittens or taken away from mother too soon), who kneaded and suckled all the time when they were happy. I have another cat who didn't start doing it until she was a year or so old. We think she is copying our older cat, who has always done it. It's not a bad behavior, and doesn't damage anything, so it's not a big deal.
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    My kitty Wilson used to do that to my lower lip, or even my chin, when he was a kitten. He grew out of it. He still gives me kisses though---on the lips!
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