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XP: T&P request (PR)

I don't ask for them often anymore, because I know that things in this baby growing business are not always fixable with T&Ps.  Tomorrow morning is my NT scan and taking a peek at the heart.  I know that it is entirely possible that baby won't be big enough to get accurate measurements (thanks, LSquared!) as I will just barely be 11 weeks and we may have to go back next week.  This is super important and a big step to hoping this is our take home baby.  Any T&Ps you could spare would be fantastic.  My scan is at 8am EST.  If there is bad news, Sara will likely update you.  I anticipate getting to work around 10, if things go well and I can update then. Thank you, lovelies!!

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Re: XP: T&amp;P request (PR)

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