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First 10K in 2 days!!!

I'm doing my first ever 10k in 2 days and I haven't ran in 3 weeks!!! And when I was running I ran over 4 miles maybe 5 times.  Any suggestions to get myself ready very quickly?  I origianlly had planned on running the whole race but now I am just hoping to finish. 

Re: First 10K in 2 days!!!

  • Oof, you're running it tomorrow? I'd drink lots of water the rest of today and tonight, stretch well tonight and before the race, and be sure to get a dinner and breakfast with lots of carbs (pasta with marinara sauce is great for this, avoid the creamy sauces).

    Just for my curiosity, why haven't you run in the last 3 weeks?

  • Thanks for the advice! I haven't been running because I have been so busy at work that I haven't been able to find the time or the energy! Last week I worked 104 hours so there was NO time allowed for any kind of exercise!! I'm a little nervous for tomorrow but if all fails I can at least walk it and get more out of it than I've done lately!
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