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Ice Cream Party Ideas?

I'm thinking of having an ice cream party for my daughters 5th birthday.  But I'm stuck for what games or activities to do with the kids besides having them make their own sundaes.  It will be a 2 hr. party with about 20-25 kids.  Any suggestions of ice cream related games or crafts would be greatly appreciated.  TIA!

Re: Ice Cream Party Ideas?

  • Hi!  There is another member who posts regularly (6fsn) who also did an Ice Cream themed party.  I'm sure she'll check in soon... I remember some of her crafts included a giant wooden ice cream cone shaped board drilled with holes for her ice creams.... also she did yarn wrapped ice cream decorations.  Not sure what her kids did for activities.

    To me... the nice thing about this theme is the "old fashionedness" of it.  I would develop that a bit further and perhaps come up with some other games including: horseshoes throwing, pin-the-tail-on-the donkey etc.

    Since you're in Chicago... you could also arrange for an Ice cream truck to come to your party (just a though).  My friends did this for their daughter's 1st Communion and it was super cute and very reasonable. :)

    Also with 20-25 kids - perhaps have an entertainer come?  Just a thought.  Please share pics when you're done. :)

  • I did do an ice cream theme, but it was a 3 year old boy.  I did cupcakes baked in the ice cream cones and my husband made a large board to display them in.  I used styrofoam balls and wrapped brown, white, and pink yarn around them and put cones on the bottom then hung them from the lights.  For activities I did a pinata and we I found a little ice cream cone magnet craft I found at Hobby Lobby.  If you want any details or some pics I can get to that.  Forgive me just a little, we've been out of power for 4 days so it might take some time. 

    I have done ice cream sundaes at a party too.  I got the little clear plastic glasses and prescooped vanilla ice cream into them.  Then put on a tray and wrapped to have ready for the party. Then I had a ton of toppings- crushed oreos and nutterbutter, crushed cones, mini chocolate chips and peanutbutter chips, crushed m&m's, hot fudge, caramel, strawberry, then whipped cream and marashino cherries.

  • Oh!  I knew you would respond to this post... OMG  - no power in this heat.  Have been praying for all those caught in those storms.  My girls still remember us not having power for a week last October.

    Take Care~


  • Sing songs, read a story about ice cream, play at a park, simple kids' games-pin the tail on the donkey, drop clothes pins into a bucket while sitting on a chair, musical chairs, have bubbles and chalk available and the time will fly by!

    Also, just a thought...make sure you don't have any dairy allergy kids coming.  That would stink for everyone!  I'm a mom of a dairy allergy kid and that's my biggest fear...not being able to go to a party based around a dairy based food or worse....going to the party and not being able to partake.   

  • Its very nice idea.Thanks for the suggestion.Hope my SIL kids like this as i want to through a birthday party soon.Great,thanks for this post.Noah ark baby shower
  • Get all different types of ice creams together as well as lots of different toppings, sprinkles and sauces and let the children create their very own ice cream sundae. Theme the party with ice cream hats, an ice cream shaped pinata and play ice cream games (decorate an ice cream van picture, ice cream run!)

     There's only so much you can do, so I think with an ice cream party the accessories and overall theme of the party will make it what it is. There are some gorgeous ideas here. Pintrest is great for this.  http://pinterest.com/tvanlent/theme-it-ice-cream-party/ invites, cups, cakes, accessories etc will all make your ice cream party look the part.

    For more ideas look here  http://www.birthdayparty4u.co.uk/

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