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GOD Help Me! New in town and bored to DEATH!

Just recently moved here from Atlanta and I am near crazy.  What is there to do?  Where are the people and why does this board have NO action?!

Somebody,  Anybody, HELP!

Re: GOD Help Me! New in town and bored to DEATH!

  • yay!!! to someone being on this board!! haha


    sorry you are so bored!! ;) If you promise to visit this board I will too!! And actually I'm new to the area aswell..DH, DD and I just moved from Washington state so a great difference well- in everything!!

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  • I lived in Baton Rouge for a year and still have friends there. I have now being living in Lafayette, LA for 7 years. It is a bit of a drive from Baton Rouge ( an hr to an hr and a half, depending on traffic) but if you girl would like to get to gether on the weekends that could be fun. As far as things to do in Baton Rouge, I guess it depends on your interests. I don't know all the new places out there. Louisiana restaurants usually have good food. Lafayette in fact was voted the number one city for tastiest food in the USA.

    Contact me on here if ya'll would like to have coffee at a Community Coffee shop (yummy coffee) and chat.


  • I moved to BR one year ago from New York City and I know exactly what you're going through! There are great bars and restaurants in town, but it took a few months to really figure out what places we like around here.  We really like Bistro Byronz and the Bulldog, both of which allow dogs on the outdoor patio.  I also love going downtown since there is always something going on almost every weekend.  If you go the the visit baton rouge website you can find some of the upcoming events.  Hope you start feeling at home here, and if you would like to get a drink or coffee send me a message!

  • Hey Stace,

     I am not sure why you would move from NYC to BR, but hey if you would ever like to get a cup of coffee or visit Lafayette's downtown night life, contact me! I am recently married (2 and a half weeks) and always looking for new friends to spend time with.

  • WOW! Thanks ladies for responding.  I didn't think anyone was on here so I planned to never come back. LOL

    I live near Nicholson and Perkins, frequent the Mall of LA and Perkins Rowe, but that's about it.  Haven't been able to find anything else to do.


  • Hi ATLMrs.!

    There is suppose to a taco festival in September in Lafayette. I don't think the actual date has been picked yet. It is a new festival. Perhaps it would be a good way to get acquainted with Lafayette if you ever want to venture out of Baton Rouge.

  • Sounds fun. I'll keep an ear out for it. Keep me posted when you hear something too.
  • OK I sure will! Do you have a facebook account?
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