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Sangria for Bridal Shower?

Hi Everyone,

I'm going to be throwing an afternoon bridal shower with about 50 ladies this summer and while I know I'd like to serve a red and a white sangria I was hoping for some guidance on recipes and quantity. 

Does anyone have any tried and true sangria recipes that they wouldn't mind sharing? I've looked at quite a few recipes online, but I'm having a hard time - many seem like they might be super sweet. (I know that sangria is a sweeter drink, but I don't want it to be sickingly sweet!) 

Also, does anyone have any tips for estimating how many batches I should make? We'll also have non-alcoholic drinks, but I have no idea how to estimate how much sangria we might need.  Any help would be greatly appreciated - TIA!

Re: Sangria for Bridal Shower?

    • 1 bottle of wine, a heavy red or a white that is not too sweet
    • 1/2 cup triple sec
    • 1/2 cup brandy
    • 3/4 cup sugar
    • 1 apple diced, with peel
    • 1 orange cut in wedges, with skin
    • 1 lemon with skin, quartered then cut into smaller pieces

    Don't start with a sangria wine, way too sweet...traditional spanish table wine is good, try a tempernillo

  • Oh, how much...well, I would say one bottle (one times this recipe) would serve 6-8people, and I typically would say that 2/3 of your people will drink  (32) and 2 glasses for each of them so 64 servings...so that would be about 8 bottles. BUT that does sound like a lot to me, I would go with at least 4 (and you can buy Magnum bottles so 2 magnum bottles)...perhaps 6. I wouldn't go 8, I would go 6

    hope you enjoyed my "thinking out loud session"

  • Whenever I make a sangria, I start out with a semi-sweet red wine and pick out a variety of seasonal fruits (strawberries, blueberries, peaches) and then also include some citrus (an orange, lemon and lime is good for one batch).  A tip I was given about citrus in a sangria is to just use the sections of fruit and not put the rind in or it could make the sangria bitter.  I usually pick my spirits to add depending on the fruit (triple sec is good, mandarin vodka, raspberry vodka or a fruit brandy) -usually I put in a cup of spirits, maybe more.  The key to getting your sangria right is to just taste it.  I have followed several recipes and it still doesn't taste right because of your wine of choice and the fruit.  As for the white sangria, just find a semi-sweet white wine that you like and work from there.

     As for serving, my aunts made sangria for my bridal shower last year and used these beverage dispensers that have a place for ice and a fruit infuser, which is nice to have it made up in advance. Check this out at Bed Bath & Beyond. We had about 3 of those filled with sangria and other beverages available and around 40 people at the shower.

  • I made THIS sangria last weekend for a party we hosted and everyone loved it! It wasn't too sweet and was very refreshing for the hot weather. We did doctor it a little bit and added2 cans of Diet Black Cherry Fresca and Dragonberry Rum (we didn't do exact measurements, just kind of poured :) I think we used about half a bottle).

     It says it serves 4, so depending how many people you have, I would maybe make 4-5 batches? It also depends how many other drinks you'll have and how many people in attendance you think would drink.

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