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Y_L - My son loved Gatsby!!

I'm so happy! Smile

About a week ago when he told me his class was starting Gatsby, I expected lots of complaning about how boring, slow, etc. (He's a big non-reader.) Since then I'd ask him how it was going or he'd ask me questions, but I couldn't get much out of him other than an 'it's okay'. I started to wonder if he was even bothering.

Yesterday, though, when I got home he told me they finished and he liked it. Really liked it! Now, he is so excited for the movie. Next week in class they are going to watch the original and he's looking forward to it.

He also told me now he understand when I worry about movie versions of books. He's wondering how are they going to this or that... will they show x or leave it out. Hahaha!

I just had to share. :)

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Re: Y_L - My son loved Gatsby!!

  • OMG this makes my day! Yay for your son and yay for his teacher for helping the kids enjoy it! Big Smile

    Did he watch the trailer and point out all of the little details from the book? My students are having the best time doing that.

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  • He has! Funny thing, he's worried that they are going to make it cheesy. Specifically the scene where they are all together in a kind of awkward staring/silence. Honestly I can't remember what he's referring to other than early on when Jordan, Daisy, Tom and Nick are hanging out.

    He thinks DiCaprio looks too young for Gatsby and Daisy too old, and not excited about Spidey as Nick.

    Taya 9.20.05 * Marlena 10.4.07 * Armando 11.3.93
  • MrsC7MrsC7 member
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    image Pebble_Cafe:

    He thinks DiCaprio looks too young for Gatsby and Daisy too old, and not excited about Spidey as Nick.

    Ha! That's funny. Everyone I know says the opposite.

    image imageimage
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