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Visiting from TB - Would like thoughts on how to handle dog terrified of T storms

Hi there!

I normally post over on TB but thought you guys would be the best source of information and opinions on this.

I have a 4 year old Scottie. About 9-10 months ago, we noticed he started being terrified of thunder storms. He couldn't have cared less about them before but I'm guessing something happened at his doggie day care while we were on vacation because we noticed this new behavior when we got back. He would hide behind the toilet or go hide out in his crate whenever there was thunder and lightening. (Note that he had been to that day care center numerous times before while we were on vacations and never had issues.)

Now, it's gotten so bad - as soon as it's dark out, regardless of whether or not it's raining/storming out, he scurries upstairs to hide and during the day, even if it just rains, he's heading for the hills Sad

No amount of coaxing (that doesn't involve food) will get him to come out. It's breaking my heart to see him like this. We've tried holding him and comforting him but he just tries to wriggle away and then runs upstairs. 

Any thoughts on what the issue could be or what we can do to help him overcome his fear?



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Re: Visiting from TB - Would like thoughts on how to handle dog terrified of T storms

  • Have you tried the ThunderShirt? If it doesn't work for your dog, they refund your money. 
  • I would do a DAP collar for overall anxiety and start working on a lot of positive reinforcement training to help him build back confidence.
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