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Do you wear nylons to work?

This is my first post here and I was hopping to get perspective on something. I started a new job with no official dress code but unofficially its business casual. I asked a coworker I talk to a lot her opinion on the dress code and she said to always wear nylons with skirts, even in the summer. This coworker is in her 50's though. I haven't seen any women around my age (late 20's) wear skirts yet. I wear black nylons in the winter and fall, but flesh colored nylons make me think of something my grandma would wear. I asked some friends outside of work and none of them had heard of people still wearing nude nylons, so maybe it?s a regional or generation thing. If I just need to grow up and wear clothes I don?t like sometimes I can deal with that.

My boss is a man who would just be annoyed if I asked his opinion on this  : )

Specifically, I have an all black, knee length dress I want to wear to work next week. I have a colored cardigan I was going to wear with it. When I tried it with black tights and black shoes I think its way to much black and it seems to late in the season for black tights. I love the way it looks without any nylons but with nude nylons it looks dorky. What would you wear with it?

Re: Do you wear nylons to work?

  • God no! I only wear them if forced. When I worked in a public library is was dress code, so I avoided skirts and dresses (or I wore them on Saturdays when nobody could tattle). I work for a university now, and nobody wears them. Even when we dress more business than business casual, I don't see any women wearing hose.
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  • No way. They are not what I call "fashionable".
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  • I work in a business casual office and no one would dream of wearing nude pantyhose in the summer. The only time I could MAYBE see it would be for a big client or sales meeting.
  • No.

    In the winter, I wear tights.

    If you want to wear hose because you are not sure about the dress code, get a black mist or barely black. Then see what the other women are really wearing.

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  • I'm so glad everyone thinks this! The last thing I want to do is under-dress, but I also don't want to show up looking like a little kid playing dress up in their mom's closet. 

    Thanks everyone! 

  • DanieKADanieKA member
    image bunnyfriend5:

    I'm so glad everyone thinks this! The last thing I want to do is under-dress, but I also don't want to show up looking like a little kid playing dress up in their mom's closet. 

    Thanks everyone! 

    Haha! I'm going to be the different one here. I work in a very formal environment. I'm an attorney and it's full on suits for men and women when in court in front of a judge. I do wear nude hose (and closed toed heels-I'd never dream of wearing hose and open toed shoes) with my suits. I always have. I think I look more polished, and I'm not gonna lie, i love how they suck me in! Spanx all the way! But on days when I'm just in the office it's more bus. casual. Depending on the office that can be very casual (jeans) or just slacks and a nice blouse. Personally, no matter the office I just try and look polished in general. And I love how for a hot second Kate Middleton brought back nude hose. I was there first, though!


    ETA: I should say that while everyone wears a suit in court, not every woman wears nylons. And I do kind of think I inherited my habit of wearing them from my mom. I'm all about "old fashioned" undergarments, from slips to corsets to nylons. If it can suck it in, push it up, or hide what needs hiding, I'm trying it! 

  • No. I don't know anyone who wears them anymore. In the past, people did wear nude. Worst case - bring a pair and if something is said, then put them on.
  • Never ever ever, not anywhere, lol.
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  • I wear dresses and skirts to work all the time and never wear nude pantyhose.
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  • I wear tights in the winter but bare legs in the summer.  My boss wears nude nylons but others my age do not wear them and I think they are way too uncomfortable to wear all day in the summer.
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  • I have seen very few women wear nylons to work. As long as your skirt hits mid knee or lower you should be fine with no hose. Though when in doubt just ask your boss! It's better for you to approach him than have him approach you with disapproval. 

     Good Luck! 

  • I work at a law firm, and we're supposed to.  I wear super sheer hose (not cheap, but worth it)

    The partners speak badly of the young women who don't wear nylons, they consider it unprofessional.

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