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Ready for another dog, DH isn't.

I am ready to add another dog to our family, but DH isn't quite there yet. 

I am not going to push it too much until he is really ready, but it just makes me sad because I'd really love to have another dog in the house.

Our two year old boxer is our baby. We don't have any children and probably won't - but I love being his mom. It's just fun to take a care of a dog. Well, it's fun most of the time, anyway. 

We didn't do our research the first time around and ended up getting him from a BYB. We didn't realize that this wasn't a good decision. At the same time, I wouldn't take it back because I love my dog and couldn't imagine our life without him.

But this time around, when we are both ready to get another dog, we will do things differently. We'll rescue. It won't be easy because we live in an apartment and a lot of the rescues around here do require a fenced yard, but it's not impossible.

Anyway, I just really wanted to vent my disappointment that we're not quite on the same page. I do understand his reservations - Draco has skin allergies and this is expensive to treat, so adding another dog into the mix would mean a greater financial burden. 

I am just hoping he'll come around soon so we can start looking at adding a new dog into the mix!  

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Re: Ready for another dog, DH isn't.

  • Have you considered volunteering at a shelter or rescue, or fostering? 
  • Thanks for the reply! 

    I have been looking into volunteering at the local animal shelter. I think about fostering from time to time, but I just don't know if I could do it without getting really upset whenever it was time for them to go on to their (hopefully) forever home.  

    But volunteering at a shelter/rescue is great idea! It could potentially change my mind about fostering as well.  

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  • image RedheadBaker:
    Have you considered volunteering at a shelter or rescue, or fostering? 

    We fostered before eventually adopting a second dog.  It gave us the chance to see what life was like with a second dog and also help give a dog a chance.  It's a really rewarding experience.

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  • Sounds like you could really benfit from fostering or volunteering in a shelter.  Having two dogs is so wonderful, but it is also a huge amount of time and work.  Both DH and I spend a good portion of our time at home catering to our furbabies (we love to do it anyway), but there are moments that we both comment, it would be nice to have our lives back.  Plus....if you are in an apartment two Also finding a reliable person to watch your dogs if you don't board is a tough one, especially if they are large!


  • We also started as fosters before adopting our first and second dog.  The first time he was so awesome I couldn't let him go, and the second go around we realized our dog's quality of life was infinitely better with a playmate so once our foster was adopted we scoured shelters for the right fit.  He LOVES his doggie sister.  Fostering could be a good stepping stone....or asking him to go to petsmart on a saturday when there is adoption event to pick up dog food and "just looking" might convince him too :  )
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