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Blue Buffalo??????

I've been seeing more and more commericals about Blue Buffale dog food and have been thinking about changing my dog's current food to it. However, I'm scared because he has a very sensitive stomach. Has anyone had good luck with this food or should I switch?

Re: Blue Buffalo??????

  • I use Blue Buffalo for my cat and love it. They have a pretty good comparison on their website of Blue Buffalo and your current food. I wouldn't be too wary of stomach issues (unless anyone else on here has experience) since I think of it as being more "pure" than other foods. 
  • I've literally been doing months of research on my pups' food. They have had diarrhea for almost 2 months and after massive amounts of antibiotics and a chicken and rice diet 4 times a day- we're FINALLY seeing results. We're currently in the very slow process of switching over to Blue after Wellness got recalled, but it's not without some worries. I found THIS website while doing my research and if there are any signs of problems after we're fully on Blue I honestly thing I'm just going to start preparing my dogs' food myself. Blue works for many pups, but the only sure way to know if it will work for yours is to simply try it. Good Luck.
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  • I've always liked Blue Buffalo foods. When I started feeding my first cat BB, I swear, his shedding got a lot better and his fur looked thicker and fuller (He had been eating iams or purina, something like that.)

    I agree with PP's about the sensitive tummy issues, I'd just get the smallest bag of the BB food and give it a shot, and see if you dog has any adverse reactions to it.


  • BB also is great about accepting returns, so check with the store you purchase it from, but you should be able to return the food if your pup has issues with it. 
  • We've been giving our dog Blue Buffalo since he was a puppy and have been very happy with it.  He seems to have a sensitive stomach - at times - and hasn't had issues with the food.  And ever since we switched to Blue, he gets compliments on his coat ALL.THE.TIME.
  • Thanks so much for the advice
  • Thanks for asking! I feel like pet food is more important than a lot of people give it credit for. You wouldn't feed your kid McDonald's every day, right??
  • We switched our pup to Blue Buffalo a few months ago and have great results. He's on the Wilderness line that is grain free. We've noticed a big difference in his coat. It's so much softer now. He also has a sensitive stomach and has had little problems with it.

    One thing BB suggests is to slowly transition your dog to it's food. The instructions are on the back of the bag, but basically you add a little of the BB to the old food and slowly transition portions until you're feeding 100% BB. We did that with Oz and he had no problems with adjusting to it.

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  • jasarahjasarah member
    We use BB for everything at our house!  Dog food, cat food and cat litter. Love it!
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  • My Yorkie has a pretty sensitive stomach and does really well on the Blue Buffalo.  We've only tried other brands once or twice and had to switch back, so I don't have much basis for comparison.  Other than that when hubby decides to get adventurous and feed him table scraps, it can be problematic.  No problems on the Blue Buffalo.
  • I'm glad someone asked this...I have been wondering the same thing about this brand. I may be switching now :)
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