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Supernatural finale * spoiler*


 And I'm sad we had to say goodbye to Bobby again :( 

 Intrigued for next season.  



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Re: Supernatural finale * spoiler*

  • I was screaming BABY! in my head when they showed her and totally knew it wasn't Dean driving like that.

    I'm sad we lost Bobby again too but I liked this sendoff much better. It was sad and I was totally teary and I'm sure we'll see Jim Beaver again just like we did with Ash and Ellen.

    I was NOT expecting Dean and Cas to end up in purgatory..I think next season will be pretty interesting. I liked how Crowley called Sam "moose" but I didn't like the fact that Cas angel'd his way away from Dean. Why didn't he transport him too?

  • Wait, you only screamed in your head? ;) I squealed out loud and was judged. I was thinking today is it very realistic Dean would let a demon drive his baby?? I mean come on. That bothered me a tiny bit.

    Because I'm a sap I cried AGAIN when Bobby died again. Was it necessary to kill such a loved character twice in one season? It brought the action to a very depressing halt there.

    I normally don't like the brothers apart episodes much at all (besides the one Sam was shirtless in bed in, HA) but this could be very interesting. I think it's amazing they sent Dean to purgatory - and Cas, wherever he went - and can't wait to see what kind of monsters they come up with. It will also be interesting to see who Sam teams up with and how he figures out where Dean went. I just hope the Leviathan go more back burner, at least for a little bit, I'm kind of over them.

    Now I have the anime to hold me until October :P

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