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Grey's Anatomy (Spoilers)

Ok...so of most of the Grey's characters...I wasn't too sad to see Lexie go.  Although I had sort of held out hope for a Mark and Lexie reunion.  It was heart breaking to see him tell her he loved her as she died.  This may mess him up for a while if he makes it.  I loved how Arizona told him Sophia would be waiting for him and needed him.  She went from pretty much hating Mark to willing him to live.

I hate how they ended this season!   I was like WTF?

What are your predictions for next season?

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Re: Grey's Anatomy (Spoilers)

  • I really liked Lexie and was definitely rooting for her and Mark to get back together, so I'm sad.  I wanted the episode to end with more closure, but at least it didn't leave you with none at all. 

    As for next season, I have no idea, but I'll definitely be watching.

  • Oh man that was heartbreaking seeing Mark and Lexie.  I really like them together and was hoping they'd get back together. 

    When Arizona was telling Mark to live, um I might be the only person who was laughing. I LOL  to myself when he was drifting off. Then when she willed him to live for Sophia and he said , okay.  Just that  whole scene was cracking me up. 

    Christina was awesome in this episode. I love her. She my favorite character.  

  • I was really sucked in and anticipating what was coming next until about 30 minutes in and then it fell flat.  I didn't really love Lexie, but I didn't hate her either, I was sad to see her go.

    My prediction for next season is that they will all get rescued in the season premiere, but not before the pilot dies.  I have a feeling a majority of the season is going to be Derek dealing with not be able to use his hand (even though they kinda already did that with Burke).

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  • MrsNoleMrsNole member

    Yea, I was pretty disappointed with this season finale.  I got no closure on anything!  The whole season was about them getting to their boards and we still don't know where anyone is going.

    I was also sad that Lexie died but eh I'm not heart broken by it.

    I do love the Bailey's getting married!  Such a cute couple!


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